Saturday, June 5, 2010

Gwen In Love

Gwen is my first guest blogger! She asked me if she could do this and I figured, why not help a fellow blogger out? She's got a super cute blog and I love that she just wants to inspire us old married women to get back in the saddle of making sure we aren't just married but that we are actually happily married and in love.

I’m so excited to be guest blogging for Shelley today. Thanks for having me! Gwen in Love is an old-fashioned girls guide to love, marriage, and rockin' hot sex. My goal is to help create an army of amazing wives. Wives who are happy, supportive and fulfilled.
Shelley’s last post about growing up got me thinking about Peter Parker. “With great power comes great responsibility.”

We are quick to recognize the great responsibility involved in marriage -- bills, careers, babies – but how often do we remember the great power we hold? Wives have the power to make their husbands feel like superheroes. Tell him how strong and muscular he is and you’ll notice he stands a little taller. Verbally observe how much his coworkers respect him and you’ll notice how he shares his opinion with a little more confidence.

As an added bonus, you may notice some unexpected help in the kitchen.
Go fall in love!




Brittany said...

Heading to her blog now!

Hope you're having a great weekend shelley!

Cole Franke said...

this is a really cute post. and so true!

Amanda Wissmann said...

THANK YOU for having this guest blogger! I adore this little reminder and am thankful for it :) Great post!

Gwen said...

Thanks again for having me Shelley. It was fun!


Lourie said...

I am off to check her blog out now! Thanks for introducing her.

Meagan said...

I like this post! I'm going to go check out her blog!

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

cute cute blog :)

Samantha said...

I'm completely agree with you that the Women can really skyrocket a man's self confidence, the same goes both ways of course. That's what it's all about... A partnership. You lift me up and I'll lift you up sorta thing. I enjoyed reading this little post. I was thinking the other day how I wanted to do a relationship post about pet names in a relationship can really solidify the intimacy in a relationship.

Light and love.

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