Saturday, March 28, 2015

Christmas Card Pictures

This year I finally got my butt in gear and decided to do our first Christmas cards. I asked my friend, who is a new photographer, to take our pictures and I love how they turned out! It was a quick 30 minute session which is perfect because Emily was starting to have a meltdown at the end. It's a lot of work to be a princess!!

Friday, March 27, 2015

James's Newborn Pictures

I feel like I need to share these gorgeous pictures my friend Wendy took of James as a newborn even if I'm super late in posting them. Get ready for photo overload!

Thursday, March 26, 2015

A Trip To Utah

Back in August/September I took the kids on a road trip to Utah to visit my sister and my friend Alicia! We drove up with my friend Heather and her two kids. It was the longest road trip EVER with a four month old who didn't play with toys yet and had to be nursed all the time. The drive was torture.

But while we were in Utah it was full of a lot of fun! Well, as much fun as you can have with small kids involved. It takes forever to just leave the house. But here are some pictures of our adventures!

After a full day of sitting in the car, we were all thrilled to finally arrive at our destination!

Alicia is one of my best friends and before this trip we had never even met each others kids! So it made me so happy to get to stay with her and her husband and adorable son so we could all play!

Alicia showed me the way to style James's hair!

Driving to the park...

I couldn't get over how GREEN Utah was. There was this park that Emily loved because she could run and run. 

Kristin met us at the park too!

You wouldn't think going to places like the PARK would wear someone out. But when you're vacationing without help from a spouse with two is exhausting!

 One of the days we were visiting, I got to meet up with a couple of friends from high school! I was blessed with a great group of friends in high school and I've stayed in touch with a lot of them. It was a lot of fun to see our kids play together!

Another thing we did in Utah was visit this waterfall area where you could feed fish. Emily loved this!!

We made many trips to get treats for ourselves because, why not? 

Luckily Alicia and Kristin live pretty close to each other. After the waterfalls, and I think a trip to the mall was the same day, we went to visit Kristin. We walked from her apartment to a hot dog place near her campus, and just hung out for a bit before I had to get the kids back to go to bed. Here is Emily playing with Kristin. Kristin is a great aunt!

 We cut the trip a little short (9 days was going to be too long for us) so after a few days we decided to fly home instead of make that drive back much later in the week. We all missed Michael and Jexi and they missed us!! 

Going to the airport with all our stuff was insane. Alicia was there and we had to try to push two strollers and carry all this luggage by ourselves. She had her son with her too.

People stared.

But we made it to the gate! There were actually some very kind strangers who offered their help along the way.

 I ended up sitting next to a guy who knew people I knew and he helped me on the flight a bit and then helped me get off the plane with my kids and get the stroller until we saw Michael. 

All in all it was a good trip and I'm glad I went! It was just really hard. Worth it though, just to see family and friends and to get away for a bit and go somewhere with the kids! It was their first time out of the state and James's first time on a plane!

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