Friday, June 4, 2010

Wedding Planning

I'm so excited! Yesterday my friend Sheri asked me to help her plan for her wedding reception! It's coming up quick (July 9th) and she doesn't have like anything done yet! No wedding dress or anything! (Although she is going to look today for one and she has a backup one in case she doesn't find a better one.)

She already had the theme and location, she just needs help with the decoration ideas! Up until now she said she has mainly just been planning it with her mom and Tom (her fiance) ...who's a boy. I'm sure her mom has helped her a lot and I know that her sister Emily and her husband are helping her with the invitations. I'm just so happy she asked me to help in some way!

The colors are canary yellow and clover green. She wants the general theme to be like an English garden look. She wants lots of plants and flowers and paper lanterns. Sheri and I went last night to the place she decided to have it. It's at this park that nobody goes to but I have no idea why because it's so pretty! There's a little lake with a dock and there are beautiful trees surrounding the grassy field! It will be right before and right as the sun is going down and I'm so excited with how pretty it's going to be! She send me this picture as a general idea of the theme.

She likes the picture with the wooden table and the one with the terra cotta potted plants. She also sent me this link  I was going to post some of the pictures here but I guess you can't. If you scroll down you can see the paper lantern look and the centerpieces she likes. She's thinking about having potted plants in the center that people can take home.
The cake to will be pretty simple. Since there are no outlets, we can't wrap twinkle lights up and around the trees, but we will definitely have those lanterns. I also like the idea of using yellow and green ribbons to decorate things. Along with lots of flowers of course! I thought it would be cute to have people take their pictures on the dock with the lake in the background. It would be a nice little memento for everyone.
A couple bad things is that since it's in the park, they won't let you have any music that's not battery operated. No loud music. There's also the knats. But there are things that get rid of those, right?
I started looking for dresses that I think she would look really pretty in and that would go with the theme of the wedding too. This is what I came up with...

What do you think? Any ideas?


Lourie said...

I love the second dress!! I have no ideas. I am more the "Oh! I love that!" type or "Yech! No!" But, if I come up with anything...I will let you know. Seriously...dress #2!

~M~ said...

Looks like she picked the perfect friend to help her plan!

Aimee said...

That is so exciting. (July 9th is my random tidbit of info)... Well I am sure you will do great. I think the potted plants are a great idea to have as centerpieces. I think if you wrap a ribbon around the pot it will spruce it up even more and is a great way to make sure to tie in all of the colors.

I helped plan my sisters wedding in a very short time span so here are some little tidbits of advice.
1) Lists are your friends! Make tons of lists and make sure everyone involved has a copy.
2) Communication is key. Make sure everyone knows who is handling what because usually something will fall through the cracks (this happened at my sisters when everyone thought someone else had gotten the plates...Which left my dad running and getting the plates right before the wedding)
3) Take lots of pictures of everything and make sure that they all work together.
4) If you can try to do a rehearsal not only for the wedding but for the reception as well. Especially if there is going to be a special entrance and lots of special dances.
5) Have lots of fun during the process:)

You are going to have so much fun helping to plan the reception... Congrats to your friend! July 9th is a lucky day lol.


Holly Lefevre said...

My friend Lourie from CA Girl sent me over here to see if I could offer any assistance with the wedding plans. I was a planner in L.A./O.C. for 10 years.

The lanterns and the centerpieces are fabulous and pretty easy to do.

The park won;t let you have a violinist or a strolling guitar for the ceremony?

Somewhere hiding in my brain are some debugging tricks...but citronella candles and spraying the area with bug spray pre-guest arrival (pick a natural bug scent and spray ...For some reason I think lemon is the scent that keeps them away...I'll think.

Brittany said...

Sounds and looks beautiful!

My uncle had his wedding outdoors, and they used clear and green bottles hung with wire, to make candle holders that they hung from a tree. Inside they used flame-less tea lights.. I have pictures of examples.. and they were STUNNING!

OC Fun Blog said...

Love the 3rd dress. Simple dresses bring out the beauty in the bride:) I am also in OC, I found you on the SITS website. Come by my blog if you are ever looking for fun thing to do in OC.

Emily said...

I'm so glad you are there to help her, Shelly!! I feel so bad I can't be there to help. I'm so bummed!! It looks like everything will turn out beautifully. What a cute theme! She doesn't share anything with me, so I had no idea that was the theme. Cute! Heard she finally found a dress. Thanks for your help!!

KW said...

ooooo i LOVE wedding planning! i've helped two of my friends plan theirs and had SO much fun doing so!!!

love all the ideas :)

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