In case you were wondering, I decided to name my blog Hand In Hand for several different reasons. Here are some of them!
  1. Michael and I still hold hands all the time. In the car, at home, walking around....
  2. We have a couple "secret" messages we send each other when we hold hands. One of them is squeezing three times, which means "I love you". The other...well, he learned it on his mission in Venezuela. Apparently when you are holding/shaking somebody's hand and take your pointer finger and scratch the persons palm, that basically means "I want you." Ha!
  3. We have two more little hands to hold and adore now.
  4. It's symbolic of how we will be holding hands together through the good and the bad. Teammates, friends, companions for eternity.
Those four are off the top of my head. Pretty much, holding hands is something we love to do and so it seemed appropriate to name my blog as such since this is all about US!


Postcards from Rachel said...

Awww, I LOVE this. I'm a big fan of hand holding, too. :)

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