Monday, June 7, 2010

Weekend Recap

Wow, I haven't been able to log on to Blogger all day today for some reason! It was really annoying...but at least I got some work done! :-)

This past weekend I went to go see Killers! It was such a cute movie and right after it ended I turned to my friend and told mer I want to see it again! Killers was funny and entertaining. It was kind of like Mr. and Mrs. Smith except she actually is a normal girl and they are really adorable together! I loved it! I don't buy movies that often anymore ( all...) but I think I will be getting this one!

On Saturday I got to sleep in and it was much needed! Our pool is currently getting some work done on it so I couldn't go lay out so I just caught up on my DVR recordings and waited for Michael to get up. We did boring things like eat Del Taco and go grocery shopping. I was supposed to hang out with some friends Saturday night but that didn't end up happening so I spent the night doing my nails and watching Juno. I've seen it before but it's a good one.

Michael and I have been watching the HBO miniseries called The Pacific. It's kind of like Band of Brothers where it's about WWII but it's on the islands instead of Europe. Besides some nudity, it really is a great show. It's educational and interesting. I'm getting really into the stories of these guys. I have always been interested in learning about WWII and I think it's great that we have shows like this that we can watch instead of just reading about it in our history books.


Jexi is as cute as ever! We love her more and more every day. I love seeing how even Michael loves her and likes to cuddle with her. He used to hate dogs and insisted we would never have one. :-) You could say that's changed quite a bit over the past few weeks, especially. She's such a sweetie! When we are sitting on the couch together, she loves to be in between us. Last night she was doing that while sitting on her hind legs (on the couch, mind you!) with front paw on each of our tummys. It was really funny. Jexi loves to play this game where she chases us back and forth on the couch. I will have to post a video of that sometime. Anyway, I hope you all had a great weekend!


Amanda Wissmann said...

Ohhhhh! My friend and I are going to see a movie tomorrow and I was trying to decide which one! I LOOOVE Katherine Heigl! Thanks!

Shaun has been watching The Pacific and loves it.

Would LOVE to see more pics of Jexi!

Lourie said...

I want to see KILLERS it looks like a good one.

I would love to see a video of Jexi.

Aimee said...

Hmm, that intrigues me about the movie. I doubt I will see it in theaters but who knows. But that is interesting you liked it, I have only heard bad reviews. That could have something to do with most of my friends are guys and then Kevin & Bean have been knocking it for the past week. Good to see a girl's perspective.

Sounds like you had a relaxing weekend. I love Juno. I been wanting to watch The Pacific but I never got the chance to, I love war shows.

Yes, you must get video of Jexi. Isn't it funny how pets can simply change a guy's point of view? That is how it was with Mocha, my kitten, and Kevin. That is Kevin's baby now.


star said...

I want to see Killers! I thought Juno was a pretty good movie!

Amy Rex said...

We haven't seen Killers yet, but I really want to! I am glad you posted about it because now I for sure want to see it! Also... glad you liked Juno, it's one of my favorites!

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