Sunday, April 26, 2009

Our Move And Such

It all happened so quickly! We got our apartment on a Monday. That night we went to Sears Outlet and bought a fridge and then when we got back home to his parents house, I went on and found the perfect couch. So we called the guy who owned it and Michael went out the next day and got it. Our move in date was Wednesday (the opening night of SOTW), and we moved our couch, TV, bed, and new fridge into the apartment. We were kindly lent a couple of dressers from Michaels parents, and we went shopping for our other furniture. We moved all of our wedding gifts (finally!) from my parents house to the apartment, and unpacked it all. We slept there on Wednesday night! It was a crazy exciting week. We were a little sad to be leaving our old room, but we are so so so so soooo happy to have our own place now!! Sometimes we feel like we got married all over again. Of course we have added more to the apartment but these were taken just for the purpose of giving a general idea of what our place looks like.

Now that we are the farthest you can possibly live, while still living in Orange County, we have to deal with more traffic. Here is a picture of some of that on my way home from work one day.

No bueno. Oh well! This is the view from where we park. I think it is so beautiful, especially after it rains. There is a trail you can take to go running too.

In other news...we lost an Anaheim Angel....

Todd, Kelli, and I (Michael was at work..) went to the game that Friday. It was sold out and there was a very nice memorial spot for Nick Adenhart. During the fireworks there was a special tribute to him. He was so young :-(.

I'm always taken by surprise how beautiful the field is. The game was amazing and we won! GO ANGELS!
I just wanted to throw this picture in because every six months or so I get my ring cleaned and I just wanted to show everyone my beautiful ring that my studly man got me. :-) I love you, honey! I love being married and I love our life together. He still leaves me love notes that I find when I wake up or when I get home from work. I'm such a lucky gal!


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