Sunday, March 29, 2009

Quick Update

We got an apartment!!
We feel really good about it too. With the stress of a bunch of maybe's about the house situation and everything, we decided it would be a good step towards getting a house. We will keep looking for the right house but we were ready to get out and we LOVE IT. It's an upstairs apartment (so we have vaulted ceilings) and it's one bedroom. It's located in Yorba Linda so we get to stay in the stake for now (in 4th ward) and the apartments are actually really nice. Two of the buildings actually burned down during the fires but we are not worried that that will happen again. They just redid the appliances and paint so it is very clean looking. We finally got to open up our wedding gifts and we got a couch off of craigslist. The furniture we have is mostly from walmart or target but it still looks really great. I will post pictures of it as soon as we get a little more situated. Anyways, thanks for all of the comments! And thank you to those of you who have come to see the Savior of the World too. This is our last week of it so maybe I will see some more of you there.




Jeff and Kira said...

Wow sounds great! I'm glad you guys found a place you like! And I WISH I could come so Savior of the World!! I was just talking to my Mom about it last night and it sounds wonderful!

Dana said...

I know what you mean about finally unpacking your wedding gifts. It was a few years by the time we used some of ours. You'll have so much fun in your new place, but I'll miss you. Look for my sister in 4th ward, Jana Katz. She'll only be there another month or so, though.

Julie said...

Thats great news!!! :) How exciting, you are (obviously) going to LOVE it!! How weird to be moving wards, ha, you are going to be a anaheim east stake pro, lol! We're coming to the show on thursday and saturday, see you there!

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