Thursday, May 21, 2009

Pizzas, Spiders, and Goals- oh my!

This is one gigantic pizza that we got at this place called Mossimo. We so kindly shared with his parents and brother Jason :-) . We had leftovers for a while...
Did I mention Jason is home from his mission?? It's fun having him back and I can not wait until we have the WHOLE family (Tyler is on his mission) together. By that time Tiffany will have another kid (she is pregnant now) and I will most likely (hopefully) have one or one on the way, and Jason will probably be married.
We are loving having our own apartment. We never did have a house warming party because...well...I don't know where everyone would sit/stand. It's only a one bedroom apartment! So we have slowly had people over and it's very fun. One negative about living alone is when Michael is gone at work at night and I find a spider. I'm not sure what constitutes someone as having arachnaphobia but I'm pretty sure I have it. It seems to get worse with time. Or maybe it's just because I have had to hunt them down myself instead of getting someone else to do it. I know it's silly. I know they are "harmless", but I can't help it!
Since Michael is trying to get into the next Sheriff Deputy academy that should be starting in August, he has a background investigator who tries to dig up dirt on him. We had to go through this once before for the last one, but last time we were not married. A man who works for the Orange County Sheriffs Department (OCSD) came to our place 2-3 weeks ago to take a look around to see what kind of show we're runnin here. He seemed to like us and our place is pretty organized and clean so I think it was a step in the right direction. Next comes the Physc Evaluation. Last year, the lady who gave him this test failed him because she thought he did not have enough life experience. He was washing windows for his dads business, was single, and living at home. Eh. I still think he would have been great, what whatever! However, NOW he is married, has a place, and has been working for the deparment for over a year. I'm PRETTY sure he is going to make it in this time!! He totally deserves it.


Dana said...

Our last apartment had silver fish and house centipedes...two of the ugliest, creepiest bugs ever. Now we have pincher bugs and crickets. Still gross, but not quite as bad. Good luck with your spiders. I hope Michael gets the job!!

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