Wednesday, July 3, 2013

The Bachelorette Recap: Week 6

It's Wednesday already, which means it's time for my recap of my thoughts through this weeks episode of The Bachelorette! 

  • This week looks like it's going to be full of drama!
  • This week they get to travel in Barcelona. I would totally go on the show just to get to travel if I was single! Well, maybe not. But wouldn't it be cool to travel the world for free?
  • Drew gets the one on one date. Also, he just looks so preppy!
  • I don't really see much of a romantic connection between Desiree and Drew. They seem like they would be good friends and nothing more.
  • Okay, I take that back. That kiss was intense.
  • I love listening to Juan Pablo talk.
  • I think it's funny that the guys on the group date thought they could beat professional soccer players just because they were women. Hello, they are professionals! 
  • I am so confused about James. Is he a bad guy there for the wrong reasons? Or were things he said misconstrued?!
  • I really can't believe the vast difference between the Zak from the first episode (creepy, overly tan, shirt off all night, jumping in the pool in a speedo) and the Zak now. I wouldn't have kept him around the first week but I'm glad Desiree did because I like him now!
  • Keep Juan Pablo and send Mikey and James home!!
  • Casey, James, and Juan Pablo go home. Poor Juan Pablo :(
  • Oh my gosh...scenes for the future episodes pretty much gave the whole thing away. Right?! Drew's going to break her heart and she is going to give up and want to go home? Send all the guys away and call it quits? Do you think she would do that?


Shelli said...

I know this is bad to say but when I see Drew, I just can't help to think he plays for the other team. Know what I mean? Also, I agree about Zack! He is so sweet and funny. I'm really anxious for next weeks episode and I can't believe they are down to 5 people already. It seems like other seasons have had more episodes.

Meagan said...

Now you make me want to read the spoilers. I've heard rumors she is engaged to Brooks. I think they just like to make it seem like she doesn't pick anyone.

Jen said...

I always read the spoilers. I can't stop myself. I just how editing makes it look like something it's not.

Anonymous said...

My favorite of all the guys is definitely Zack! I can't believe that she almost fell for all of James' excuses, that guy seems like a grade A d-bag. I was definitely super bummed that she sent Juan Pablo home :(
I agree with how they gave away next week's show completely. Kind of surprised Drew came out and said he didn't think it would work and he was done.

Kathryn said...

Ok so I just caught up on last weeks episode. So now I can comment. :) I don't like James. He is such a scam artist. He knows how to put on a show and twist what he says so when he tells Des it doesn't sound that bad. I'm glad he is gone.

I wish she had kept Juan Pablo or Casey over Michael. He is a drama queen.

Drew is preppy but sweet but I think maybe too nerdy for Des, if that makes sense. And I totally agree with you on Zak. Crazy to cool.

I'm so glad the women soccer players but the boys in their place. HA!

That's all of my thoughts on the episode that I can think of.

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