Monday, July 8, 2013

Our Independence Day Weekend

I've been feeling kind of lazy in the blog world but I'm trying to at least keep up with some things like my week/weekend recap, Never Ever Ever linkup on Tuesdays (are you linking up?!), and Bachelorette posts on Wednesdays. I also blog over at Southern California Blog

Anyway, here's our Fourth of July weekend post. Michael had to work, of course :(, so when our power went out on Wednesday night, Emily and I drove out to my parents house. A dark, no power house alone with a toddler all night? No, thank you! We spent the night out there and the next morning joined them at the annual Fourth of July church pancake breakfast. We ran into my SIL Jocelyn and Ellie!

Emily stuck to her strictly liquid diet. (Seriously, she barely eats anything!)

Then we hung out at my parents house for a while watching home videos that they are transferring to DVD.

When Michael woke up, we headed to his parents house to hang out.

And then Michael left for work. At around 6:30 pm we all headed to his grandparents house (as is tradition because they have the best view of multiple fireworks shows). We played in the pool, at some BBQ, and watched a bit of fireworks before heading home to get Emily in bed. 

Emily hanging out with Papa (Michael's Dad).

 The rest of the week has been filled with watching episodes of PLL (I'm a new fan thanks to Netflix)...

...and trying to get some work outs in.

That's pretty much our week!
Thanks for letting me use some of your pictures, Jocelyn!


Meghan said...

Emily is just too cute for words. Looks like a fun weekend! And isn't PLL AWESOME??? :)

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Fun! Looks like you had a pretty great holiday weekend :)

Amber said...

You guys are so lucky to live close enough to your families for holidays!

OMG, I loooove PLL. It's my fave.

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