Monday, July 8, 2013

Never Ever Ever #6

Hey, everyone! 
Thanks for reading and/or participating in week six of our Never Ever Ever linkup!! If you're new here, welcome and thanks for stopping by!

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Never Ever Ever...
  • Would I find a wallet/phone in a public place and not turn it in to management. I feel like there are too many dishonest people who would pocket those things. Have some integrity! It's sad how whenever I do this, the person I turn it into looks at me like they couldn't believe I didn't keep it.
  • Would I be intentionally mean to somebody. Again, I feel this is common decency.
  • Do I enjoy hearing that somebody thinks I look "like a little girl" or a certain age that's not even out of high school. I got dirty looks when I was pregnant. 
  • Do I drink enough water. I either drink a lot at once and have to go to the bathroom a million times, or not drink enough and get headaches. Need to work on this!
  • Did I think I would be able to keep up with my consistent work outs. I've been going since April at least 3-4 times a week. Who am I?!
  • Did my husband think I would go to the gym this much either. The other day I jokingly called him a workaholic and he said I was a work-out-a-holic. HA! Not really. My workouts are generally 30 minutes to an hour. His are much longer.
  • Can I keep a tan. If I'm not tanning in a bed on a regular basis, it fades. I quit my membership (don't judge me) after a few months a couple weeks ago and I'm already much whiter. I need to learn to accept it so I don't give myself cancer!

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Jennifer said...

I completely agree about turning phones in. My sister and I once saw a girl accidentally leave her phone on the train so we looked for a # on there to call and tell the person we had the girls phone. She was so happy!

Jenni@FlyingOnARainbow said...

I'm exactly the same with water, I really struggle to drink enough and I'm surprised I'm not completely dehydrated! I've struggled to keep a tan as well in recent years. After 2 weeks in Kenya my tan only lasted a few weeks, which was so disappointing after I'd worked so hard to get it (yeah, sitting on a sun louger all day every day is sooooooo tough!)

Venassa said...

I don't tan well. I've come to terms with my pale-ness. Congrats on your working out! That's something I'd love to really get into.

Meghan said...

I'm with you. I would always turn in a phone or wallet. I can't even imagine NOT doing that!

Anonymous said...

Such a fun link-up! :)


Unknown said...

You're lucky about the working out consistency! I always let myself slide :(

Michelle @ Mishfish13

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