Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter Weekend: The Host, Family Time, and a Massage

I know I am a day late in posting about our weekend. My excuse? I was too tired to upload pics and type it up on Sunday night! Plus I needed my mom to send me the pictures she took! 

We had a great Easter weekend! Michaels "vacation" is coming to an end so we soaked up all the time we've able to spend together. We spent a lot of time around the house, at the gym, going out to eat, etc.

Emily loves having both of us around!

On Saturday night I went with some girlfriends to Panera for dinner (omg, so yummy) and to see the highly anticipated (for me, at least) movie The Host. I read the books years and years ago (like 2008) and they had been talking about making it a movie for a long time. So, finally they made the movie and I got to go see it the night after it opened! My thoughts on it? I think they did a pretty good job. Of course it was not as good at the book (are they ever?) but it was still good. I didn't walk away thinking that it was amazing but it was still worth watching!

Onto the next morning- Easter! I woke up and attempted to make Easter bunny pancakes. This is the first one I tried...and it went downhill from here :). At least they tasted good!

When we were on our way our the door to go to church we saw our neighbors and I took that opportunity to ask them if they could take our picture. Family pictures of us aren't very common so it was nice of her to do this for us!

 I wanted to get a comparison picture in the same spot and pose as least year with Emily. Here is last years Easter picture...

And this years Easter picture! Wow, that's crazy. Also note the difference in the house color!

Church was nice! It was Emily's first official week in nursery (18 month-3 years) and she did pretty well most of the time. I had been taking her in there for a little bit at a time that last few weeks to prepare her. We have to kind of get her distracted and then sneak out. When she notices we left she cries and wants to be held by someone and let out of the room but eventually she gets over it and plays.

After church my parents came over. I made a roast in the crockpot and a peach cobbler/dump cake. After dinner we played "peep wars"! You stick toothpicks in the peeps, microwave them, and they stab each other. Supposedly the winner is determined by whichever one pops the other, but we tried it a few times and there was no popping. Just a big blown up peep that melts down like the wicked witch of the west once it cools off. We decided to determine the winner by if one of them even poked the other.

We played games and played with Emily with the plastic Easter eggs some more. She likes going around and finding them and putting them in her Easter basket. Anyway, it was nice to spend some time with family! I hope you had a great Easter too!

**Last night I finally used my Massage Envy gift card that was Michaels anniversary gift to me. From December. Ahhh I love massages! Although, I do wish I hadn't eaten Mexican food right before!**


Meg O. said...

Happy belated Easter! I LOVE that pic of y'all! And how miss E has grown!! Peep wars?! OMG now I want to try that. Sounds hilarious!!!

Unknown said...

Glad to hear The Host is good...I'm dying to see it!

Courtney B said...

I've heard SUCH mixed reviews on the Host! I want to see it so badly though.
You all looked adorable in your Easter outfits!

Meagan said...

The Mexican before the massage cracked me up!

Janna Renee said...

Wow! Look how much bigger she is! It is so great to take comparison photos :)

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