Wednesday, December 12, 2012

We're Alive!

We are all feeling much better now and Michael will be heading back to work tonight after taking several days off. I wish we could have done something actually fun with those days he had off instead of spending them with one of us always curled up in a ball on the bathroom floor.

We still haven't taken Emily to see Santa. We (well, Michael) need to put up the Christmas lights too! I haven't been out of the house since I went to the doctors on Friday so I am fully planning on getting out today for some alone time before Michael heads back to work.

We are pretty much done with Christmas shopping. Oh, I also need to find Emily a stocking! One thing I look forward to every Christmas is looking in my stocking. Michael and I surprise each other with what we stuffed them with. Sometimes the little presents are more fun than the big ones! I'm easy to please! :)

I keep thinking this is Emily's first Christmas, but it's not. She was around three months old last Christmas and we were still in the "survival" mode and trying to figure everything out. This year we will (hopefully) be more rested and Emily going to be more into the presents! We got her some toys that I'm excited to give her.

Of course, she very well might be more interested in the boxes they come in than the actual toys. ;)


Lin said...

Glad you guys are all feeling better. Good for you for being done with your Christmas shopping...I'm totally jealous.

LWLH said...

Glad to hear your on the mend!
And they always love the boxes more. If I learned anything from my niece and nephews, it's that!

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