Friday, November 2, 2012

A Lunch and Pumpkin Patch Date

The other day, after we were on the mend from being sick (Michael and Emily were worse off than me), we went out for a little lunch date together. It had been a while so I went a little camera crazy ;).

Emily enjoyed herself too!

"I know what you two are doing. I will not look at that camera!"

"Okay, fine..."

Ahh... I used to be obsessed with Diet Coke but now Root Beer hits the spot for me!

I love when it comes in a bottle.


They brought me a frozen glass to pour it in. Never tried that before but it was fun!

"The nice lady brought me a lot of crackers. I like her!"

"Hey, lady! I'm eating the crackers! See? My mouth is full! I'm going to keep staring at you until you come over and comment on how cute I am."

After lunch, we went straight to the pumpkin patch. I had been wanting to take Emily as a family for like a month now. Better late than never! 

It was really hot outside so we weren't there long. Just long enough to get some fun pictures and pick out a few pumpkins.

"What are we sitting on, Mommy?"

"I don't know about this thing..."

"Ohhh...what's that, Daddy?!"

"Hehe, this is silly! Big orange balls in here with me!"

"Okay, times up. I'm tired and hot. But I like the pumpkins and wagon!"


Meg O. said...

She looks SO cute! I can't get over it!!!!!!!!! What a fun adventure!

LWLH said...

She looks like she's enjoying her ride around the pumpkin patch.

Nicole said...

uggg if only my kids will be half as cute

Megan said...

These are the cutest pictures!! I love drinking from an old fashioned coke bottle!

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