Thursday, November 1, 2012

Catching Up On Blogging!

Wow, I am SO behind in blogging about what has been going on! It's time for a major update!


In the spirit of fall, I made a wreath....

I got the straw wreath and leaves from Michaels (the store) and hot glue gunned it. Tied a loop at the top with an orange ribbon that matched and voila!

I also had a Twitter friend (@slumie) make this cute little "T" for me in Halloween colors!

She made me one in green and red for Christmas too.


I mentioned before how we got tickets from my blog friend, Lin, to go to a food truck festival. I had never been to one before but we desperately needed a change of pace and we love food! 

We invited my BIL, Jason, his wife Jocelyn, and their daughter Ellie to come with us. It was so much fun! Ellie and Emily are just about three months apart so it's fun to get the girls together. Cousins! Anyway, here are some pictures from that little outing!

Okay, more updates to come tomorrow. I hope you had a great Halloween!


Shelli said...

I want to eat at a food truck so bad! I love the show the Great food truck race! Ha! Love your wreath!

Rachel said...

That's such a cute and simple fall wreath idea!

LWLH said...

I wish we had food trucks around here!

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