Monday, July 16, 2012

Lake Arrowhead Adventures

On Wednesday night we went to Michaels parents house to hang out with his brother Jason, SIL Jocelyn and their daughter Ellie. It was fun to see them and watch the girls play.

The next morning we left with them to go on a short trip to stay at Michaels grandparents cabin in Lake Arrowhead.

It had been years since we went up there!

When we got to the cabin, we got the girls down for naps and made ourselves at home. Even Jexi was enjoying herself!

We played games at the cabin and then drove down to the village.

I was lucky enough to sit between these two cutie pies.


We love the scenery and little village there. We spent some time at the park!

Emily and Daddy

Jocelyn, Jason, Ellie

We showed the girls ducks and big fish in the lake.

We walked around the shops and bought Jexi some fancy treats. These looked yummy even to me!

We ate dinner and explored some more...

Then we headed back to the cabin to relax and watch a movie and go to bed.

Here's where it went downhill...

The cabin is nice except that I have a major fear of spiders and there are a ton of them in the cabin. Most of them are squished and left on the walls or dead but they still look alive and they are huge. They are mostly in the bedrooms so we all planned on sleeping on the pull out beds on the couches. After the movie and when we were all ready for bed and the girls were asleep, they took the couches off one couch and noticed something that looked like potting soil. Michael used his phone as a flashlight and shined it on it...we discovered it was MOUSE POOP and right next to the POOP were pieces of sheets and blanket for a MOUSE NEST.

We all freaked out and checked the other couch. Same thing over there.


I was about ready to pack up and go home at that point but the others were not as discouraged. They covered all the couches and loveseat with sheets and the lights were turned off. I was reclined on the loveseat with Emily asleep in my arms and Michael reclined next to me. Joc and Jason were laying on a couch together somehow.

Sometime around midnight, after I hadn't been able to get comfortable and fall asleep, Michael had me lay down length wise (still on the love seat) and he layed down on a different couch. Joc ended up in a regular bed with Ellie.

It was a long night for all of us!

Then it got better...

Somehow the next morning (also, Jason's birthday!!) we peeled our eyes open.

 ...and went on a "hike" or, more accurately, two nature walks.

Please excuse my tired, makeup-less face.

Michael this was such a "socal girl" picture. Poor Jexi...she isn't used to walks like this plus I had to keep picking her up due to spiders and fire ants!

Jason and Ellie are far in the background. :)

When we got back we pretty much showered, packed up, went to the park one more time, and then headed back down the mountain.

Overall, it was fun to get out and do something different and spend time with family. I'm so glad Jason, Jocelyn, and Ellie could come with us!

If you would like to read Jocelyns blog post about it, go here!


Sheri Money said...

Hey, what is the age difference between Emily & Ellie? Excited to see you guys soon!

Unknown said...

I have a major fear of spiders too, I don't think I could have made it there! Ha, glad you still managed to have some fun!

LWLH said...

It looks so pretty there, glad you had a good time. :)

Sierra said...

Looks like so much fun, minus the spiders lol! ;) I'm getting away to my cabin myself next weekend and can't wait. The kiddos looked like they had fun as well! Just changed my sponsor button size btw, looks better now. ;) Have a great week love!

Modern Camelot said...

Love all the pics of the girls together...they will have such a blast growing up together!

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