Friday, June 10, 2011

25 Week Picture and Asking For Advice!

25 Weeks

I don't think I look any bigger than I did last week, which is a bit of a relief! I love being pregnant, but the thought that I still have 15 weeks to grow bigger and bigger is a little bit overwhelming! My poor belly has to streeeetch and make room for the growing baby girl in me! So far no sign of any stretch marks, though! I think it's due to the fact that I've been growing at a pretty slow-and-steady pace.

I have to ask you guys for some advice!! I've been working on my registry and also finding things on Craigslist in the area and it's crazy how many things we need to get for the baby! I just wanted to ask you some things! (Whether you have a baby/babies already or just know from word of mouth.)

1. In your opinion, what are some of the must-haves?? I don't want to forget anything that I should get!

2.  What should I plan on having with me in the hospital when I'm there to have the baby and recovering?

I think that's enough questions for now!! Any tips you have will be much appreciated!


Emily said...

Honestly, I don't think there are that many must haves. Babies have pretty simple needs. Most baby items are really for the parents, lol. I'd say I couldn't live without a good baby wrap or carrier. It makes it so you can hold them and have free hands at the same time. Plus it's great for bonding. Don't waste money on toys, they will ignore them and go after your phone, keys, or whatever is not a toy anyway, haha. Clothes, car seat, diapers, simple stuff. Maybe a pump if you plan to breastfeed but even that you don't have to have. You can always buy things after baby comes. I have so much I got that I never used the first time around! With Donny I bought almost nothing and we've been just fine.

As far as the hospital goes, I suppose yummy toiletries are nice since you will want to have a nice hot shower after. Also snacks for you and your husband. (Husbands faint usually from not eating enough, not from being squeamish.) Extra clothes for you and baby. You can bring you own comfy clothes to wear in labor if you don't want to wear the hospital gown. Make sure your camera battery is charged and don't forget the car seat!

Wendy and Neal said...

Instead of writing out a long list of the DON'T BUYS, I'll tell you the MUST HAVE'S.

1. Breast Pump/Bags/Accessories
2. Swing. Some babies won't sleep in anything but! Like my daughter.
3. Infant bath tub, a comfortable one suited for infants, with an insert.
4. Desitin/Zinc Oxide. Lotsa babies are born with very sensitive skin, and the massive amounts of poo that comes out of them just kills their rears. It's very sad. :(
5. Pack n play. We took down the crib when she was about 10 months old. She hated it, would always hurt herself between the bars. Having the pack n play is awesome. She sleeps like a dream in it, I could move it from room to room, and we take it with us wherever we go, and she'll sleep well each place.
6. Lots and lots of onesies and pjs. They sleep sooooo much in the beginning of their lives, and poop just as much. You will stain most everything she wears in the early days. So comfy warm clothes are a must.

1. Comfy pjs, rope, slippers. Keep in mind you will likely be cold, and that you don't want anything snug around the more sensitive areas. Especially if you end up with a csection.
2. Camera and laptop, dvds to bide the time (in case you're there 3 days)
3. Food for Michael. The hospital will only feed him the one celebratory meal.
4. Nipple shields/guards. Many many women swear by these.
5. Nipple cream. I prefer lansinoh over the other popular brand. Just personal preference. It's easier to spread, and doesn't smell as bad. Your baby nurses through the cream, so you don't want her stinkin like the stuff. :)
6. Pads. You will bleed like a mofo. Kaiser is pretty good about providing pads, but you might want your own if you prefer a certain shape. You want them BIG. :) As prehistoric as kaisers are, they get the job done.

There. Those are the necessities. :)

Jenna said...

Good questions! ok, in my opinion, some must haves are- Boppy(so helpful for nursing and propping up baby when she's older), swing, bouncer, jungle gym (not really necessary, but SO nice to set baby down and do other things and they are totally entertained. at least gray was, we had one with music and lights), lanolin (cream for sore nipples at the beginning of breastfeeding), lots of burp rags (I put at least one in every room so that one was always nearby when you needed it- super helpful! babies spit up for a long time)... that's all I can think of right now. As for the hospital- travel size toiletries, one outfit to take baby home in, camera, computer, batteries/cords, socks, money for vending machines/cafeteria, nursing bra!, baby nail clippers so baby doesn't scratch her face. ok, I'm done now :)

Amanda said...

I agree with what everyone else has said. Laboring in your own clothes is nice too. Both times in the hospital I brought my clothes to wear, but ended up wearing the hospital gowns the whole time after I gave birth. They're just so easy to nurse in and who cares if you get blood or milk on them :) Oh, and make sure that whatever you bring to wear is comfortable and/or maternity since your belly will not be flat by the time you leave the hospital :) Gigantic pads are a must for when you get home...I had to send my hubby out to buy them after I had Grace because I didn't have any at home and needed them. Also, I love the sleep nursing bras for when I'm in the hospital and at night when I'm home. It gives you a little support, but there's nothing to worry about with snaps or clips or anything and no underwire to cause plugged ducts the first few days and weeks of nursing. Also, you'll need some nursing pads so your clothes don't get soaked. Also, if you're planning on breast feeding you don't need very many bottles (if any at all). Also, I swear by a bouncer for the baby - mobile and comfortable and you can usually find them on Craigslist for $20 or under in good condition. There's some of the things I didn't think about until I needed them. Good luck in preparing!

Anonymous said...

Here are my two cents. :)

1. A moby wrap or any other brand.
2. A swing
3. A nursing pillow (the one I have and LOVE was brest friend)
4. Nipple cream
5. Lots of sleepers. I preferred the ones with zippers. Seriously, all he wore for awhile were sleepers. It was winter and he was a preemie so we never went outside. But we have so many newborn outfits he didn't even get a chance to wear. So lots of sleepers and only a few outfits...again, just my opinion.
6. My baby loved noise so I would say a sound machine too.
7. I never had leaking issues, but I would also say if you are going to nurse you will need nursing pads.

And as someone who went into labor with no warning and no hospital bag packed I can say you don't REALLY need anything. Yes, I had my husband bring me up some things after he was born, of course. :) I had him bring my laptop, camera, my pillow, slippers, shower items and makeup, and nursing pajamas. An outfit for me to go home in and an outfit for Brayden too. The hospital provided me nipple cream and even though they were awful I just used their mesh panties and pads. I didn't really care. It was free and I was on "I just had a baby" cloud 9. :)

Anonymous said...

I bought Gerber cloth diapers and used them as burp cloths. Most burp clothes are tiny and don't hold the amount of spit up that can and will happen. :) Diaper genies are crap. Don't waste your money. I would get a Boppy pillow, tons of diapers and tons of wipes. I can't really think of anything I just had to have. There was a lot of stuff I ended up with that I didn't need. Oh, zippered sleepers for the baby!!! They're so much easier than the snap ones.

What I took to the hospital... my own gowns, my own underwear, toothbrush, toothpaste, brush, deodorant, makeup, camera, book (never read it), socks, slippers, a couple of outfits for me, a couple for the baby, and your phone charger. But don't worry... whatever you don't have, they'll either have or someone can run out and get it.

I also agree with Ashley. A baby swing is a must. I'd also suggest one of the low-sitting vibrating chairs. Both of my kids loved both. They did the vibrating chair from day 1 and then went into the swing when they were a teeny bit bigger.

Nicole J @ Knocked Up said...

I did a blog post on what to take with you to the hospital here's the link if you want to read it ( Come to think of it I have to start packing my bag just in case I go into labor sometime soon :)

I say hold off on buying things from Craigslist until after your shower. You never know what people will get you! You obviously need a carseat and stroller, everything else will come to you as you wonder around the store. If you register at Babies'R'Us they give you a checklist thingy to make sure you cover everything if you are registering somewhere else take a veteran with you. I took my sister who works at a daycare and she made sure I got what I needed :)

Jessica said...

Hi! Fairly new to following your blog. Love it!
1.In your opinion, what are some of the must-haves?? I don't want to forget anything that I should get!
California Baby Calendula cream. (amazing- cleared baby acne and works great on our little one's sensitve skin)
Swaddlers! (still swaddling my 6 month old. LOL- she lvoes it)
Nursing Tanks. Lived in them. Loved them. so easy so accesible. and everywhere else is covered. (target has them)

2. What should I plan on having with me in the hospital when I'm there to have the baby and recovering?
If you are planning on nursing. I get a nipple shield (just in case...if you need it you will be so happy you had it) Lanolin. Take it with you and start using the last couple weeks before your due date. Those early days on the nips are HARD.
Your own toiletries.
Some comfy pants (black) and some nursing tanks (dark colors)
The hospital pretty much had everything else we needed/wanted.

Sarah Frills4Thrills said...

you're getting soooo close! i'm so sorry, i don't have any advice for you, but I'll keep my ears open!

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