Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dr. Appointments (6-10 weeks)

When I was about six weeks pregnant, we thought we were losing the baby. It was the most awful night thus far of this pregnancy. The on call nurse (it was late at night) told us that the next morning we should go into urgent care so we did. We got to have our first ultrasound and were relieved to hear that things seemed to be going well, the baby was okay, but that I should go on "pelvic rest". The doctor looked around in there, told me I had nice looking intestines (ha!) and everything looked great, except for a little curve in my uterus or something, but she didn't say anything else about it so we let it go.

6 weeks.

When we got to eight weeks, we had our first official appointment with my actual OB/GYN, instead of the other lady that we went to in an emergency. We got to see the baby again, this time it was of course, a little more than a bean but still a blurry blob. :-)

8 weeks.

We got to hear the heartbeat, which is always an amazing thing! It's super fast and healthy sounding! However, you know that thing the other doctor looked over without saying much about it? Yeah...apparently that was some liquid built up behind the placenta, that was pushing on the area around the baby. They said that it should dissipate but that we needed to continue being on pelvic rest. They said there was potential of the liquid building up some more and that would push on the baby, which could cause issues.

When we went back at 10 weeks to meet with a nurse about getting blood tests done and all that fun stuff, we told her that we were still concerned about the liquid issue and were hoping we could get it checked out again. She basically told me that they don't usually do another ultrasound until I am 13 weeks. We would have to wait and continue to be careful. *sigh* Kind of sounds like none of these people care, huh? It's been frustrating.


Heather said...

Oh wow! I'd be super frustrated by that! If I were you, I'd call and speak to the nurse practitioner. The NP at my OB/GYN is amazing and is happy to answer all of my questions.

krystal said...

Yikes, well I'm sending lots of good thoughts your way! I'm sure things will be fine. =) If it was that big of a problem, they'd be more helpful I would hope!

Neely said...

OMG so fun and so exciting!

Aimee said...

OMG!!!! I leave the bloggy world for just a little while and you go and get pregnant?

CONGRATS!!! that is sooooo frickin amnazing!!! Wow! Awesome! I am so happy for both of you

I hope that the fluid thingy is not to big of an issue and that your little baby is ok

Do you have a gender preference?

CONGRATS again!!

Hepburn Hilton said...

I'm sorry you had to go through that! I can imagine is must have been scary...

Kudos to the dr. for a the most original compliment I have heard in a while :)

Amy Rex said...

My sister had very similar experiences. She even had to go on pelvic rest too. It does seem weird to me that the doctors/nurses seem to take everything so lightly. It's like they don't realize that this is a big deal to you or something. Very strange.

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