Thursday, March 17, 2011

Dr. Appointments (11-13 weeks)

Here's what happened between 6-10 weeks if you missed it.

Now for 11-13 weeks!

When we went in for the 12 week appointment to meet with a midwife and basically have a physical, we were telling her about the issue of having liquid buildup outside of my placenta and she said she couldn't help us figure that out since she isn't trained to look for those things. She is basically a nurse for pregnant women. She tried to find our doctor for us but I guess he left for the day already. She said we'd have to wait until our 13 week appointment.
While we were with her, she couldn't hear the heartbeat with the Doppler. She said that happens about a third of the time. Apparently my uterus is tilted backward instead of forward, but she said it won't be a problem. It will move during the pregnancy. I also found out I am Rh negative, but Michael is negative too, it won't be an issue. Anyway, since we couldn't hear the heartbeat, she let us see it instead. Which was JUST FINE with us!

It was moving around a lot and looked like an actual baby! Look at the head and the left arm is by its side, the right one is up around it's head. And you can see the body and then the little feet with toes!! I'm in love!! It was the most amazing experience ever. She had to keep telling me to put my head town, not to laugh, or scream, or do anything that flexes my abs. That was so hard!

We were both in awe of this little baby. Isn't it so cute?! It was about the size of a lemon at 12 weeks! There's nothing like watching your own baby, that is IN you, moving around and looking so perfect. It put us both more at ease about the complication but we still wanted answers.

On Tuesday I had my 13 week appointment for another ultrasound. We had been looking forward to this because we really wanted to find out if we still needed to worry. When we got there though, we soon figured out that I wasn't going to be seeing a Dr. and that it was just an ultrasound that someone takes measurements to see if everything looks normal so far. Luckily everything looked fine, but when we asked her if she could check for us about the other thing, she basically brushed us off and said that she couldn't. That she was only taking measurements. She sent us on our way, and we felt so defeated. Not only did we not get answers we were told we would get, but I felt like I missed out on seeing the baby because the screen was facing away from me. I did get a picture though!

As we were walking away, I decided I could not wait any longer to get the answers they needed to give us. I talked to a nurse and almost started crying about how we have been so worried, been on pelvic rest, and have been getting the runaround from everyone. All we wanted was for a Dr. to tell us if we still needed to worry about it!! She was THE BEST nurse I have ever met. She was so understanding and sweet. She made a couple phone calls and found the Dr. who was in the office and relayed our story.

Then finally that Dr. looked at the ultrasound pictures we had just gotten done (they were in the system), personally came and found us, and told us that our baby looks great and there is no more liquid build up. No more pelvic rest, and no need to worry anymore about it! THANK YOU!! We were so grateful that we finally got the answers we needed and that they actually finally seemed to care enough to help us out. It was really just a matter of sticking around and not leaving until we got what we needed from them. Sometimes being stubborn can pay off, apparently!

Healthy baby, healthy mommy, happy family!


tara said...

glad you finally got your answers!

Emily said...

Sometimes the problem with how we micromanage pregnancies is it creates a lot of worry over something harmless or that is naturally occuring. I know many doctors think they are saying something in passing or just as an interesting note and patients of course, take it as a warning or need to worry. Sorry you went through that! Glad everything is fine and healthy. Just remember, if God wants this baby here with you, it'll get there no matter what help you have or don't have from the world of medicine. It's always been that way. I'm sure everything will be fine. Congrats, again Shelly!

Heather said...

Oh, handled that way better than I would have! You would have found me throwing a temper tantrum, refusing to leave until the doctor saw me, lol.

I am very glad you got your answers! I would have been worrying too.

Jocelyn said...

I'm so glad to hear that! Good for you for making sure they finally listened to you and answered your questions.

Anonymous said...

Glad you got your answer and so very glad everything is ok!! I totally understand worrying during pregnancy and it is NOT fun! And neither is pelvic rest. :) Love all the ultrasound pictures!!

Neely said...

Glad you got the answers you needed!!

Macey said...

Oh, I'm so glad you got some great news!! Nurses are wonderful, aren't they? They can literally make an appt FABULOUS or crap.
The ultrasound at that time was always the most fun for me. Because they looked like babies...and they were bouncing around like little jumping beans!!!

Anonymous said...

That is SO exciting, I haven't visited in a while and was so happy to hear the great news! My mom's bday is September 20th..good month to have a baby unless its 100 degrees! lol hugs to you!

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