Friday, July 23, 2010

Some Things On My Mind

This is a bit of a lengthy post about things I am trying to work out about the move/quitting. If you don't want to read it all (I wouldn't blame you!), please skip to the bottom where I break it down. I need some advice!

First of all, I got a bunch of great gifts for my birthday and I wanted to say thank you for those! Thank you to those of you who took time to tell me happy birthday whether in person, on here, in a text, on facebook, or on the phone! I felt so loved! My inlaws let us use their house on Wednesday to have a little birthday get together with family and a couple friends. It was a small group and everyone was tired from various trips and work schedules, but I appreciated it!

Second, I went to California Pizza Kitchen with my bosses (and a coworker who knows about me moving and therefore quitting) yesterday for my birthday lunch and it has been so hard beating around the bush. They know where I am going to live and they were asking me about my commute, assuming that I would still work here. It's eating away at me and I know I need to tell them but I am so worried about quitting! I'm going to wait until all the inspections are done on the house first so that will be next week.

Third, I need to figure out when my last day at work will be. The closing date is September 3rd. Our lease on our apartment is up at the end of October. I'm pretty sure that when you break your lease, you pay a penalty of one months rent. So really it makes no difference if we break it or not since we have to have the apartment in September. This is also good in a way because then we won't feel so rushed to move into the house before it's ready. We want to paint it, fix up the kitchen, and maybe add carpet in some rooms. We also really need to do something about the fence in the backyard. Those dogs are going to drive me crazy if they bark at us everytime we go in our own backyard!

With that being said, this is what it comes down to:
  • Closing escrow and getting the house on Friday, Sept. 3rd.
  • We need to fix the house a little before we move everything in. No rush since we have the apartment.
  • Do I work until Sept. 3rd and then work solely on moving/packing/fixing the house?
  • Or do I keep working a little bit for money since we will still be living in the apartment?
  • Maybe I can just work until the middle of the month.
  • The monthly train pass is like $175.00 though, so do I want to waste money and not use the whole thing and work the whole month? Or would working while doing all this house stuff be too much? I would hardly have time to go to the house at all except on Saturdays...
  • I don't know what to do!!
If any of you have any suggestions, I would really appreciate your advice right now! Hopefully some of you made it this far :-). Thanks!


Amanda said...

Aw, you sure are in a predicament! I understand, though. I've been there, too. I would seriously evaluate what you think would stress you out less.
I know it's hard beating around the bush, but come up with something general to say any time they ask you. Also, it's only a month of work. In the grand scheme of things (money & life wise), it's not going to hender that much. I didn't work the month before my wedding, and although I wasn't working on wedding stuff 24/7, it was nice just to have that time and not feel pressured. And about the whole working until the middle of the month-- I know you'd pay full price for the train pass, but I'm sure your salary would out-weigh that, and then some... so I wouldn't make that a deal breaker.
Try to relax, and remember... out of your whole life, it's just one month. =) Do what you think will make you the happiest & stress-free(er).
Good luck!

Ms. Emmy N said...

Cute blog, you and your hubby are an adorable couple! And it sounds like we have a lot in common - I am in the process of moving, and just gave the official word on my last day. I decided to work as long as I can to make extra money, but am not going to do the commute. Once we move I want to spend all my energy on getting things organized and then will try to find a new job... hopefully it all works out :) Good luck girl!

Brittany said...

I think you just need to talk to the hubs! Decide if you need the money, and really put the pen to the paper and figure things out! We don't know your finances, so we wont really be able to help you!

I hope that you get it all figured out, and everything turns out beautifuly! I can't wait to see how you decorate your new pad!

p.s. YES! you need a fence or get a bigger badder meaner dog to get rid of them!

what am I talking about! Your little dog can scare them away! He looks pretty tought to me ;)

krystal said...

I'm a master at quitting jobs. I can help you! =)

No, but really, I wouldn't work after the 3rd. Take time for yourself and your new house. I'm assuming you will need time to look for a new job closer to your place, so you will have some time to relax and apply for new jobs.

You'll be fine! Don't feel bad. A job is just a job. This might sound insensitive, but everyone can be replaced. You have to live your life so don't feel bad! Give them two weeks notice and say "see ya!" =D

Anonymous said...

That is hard. Maybe you don't need to buy a whole month train pass? Can you pay per use? or buy a 1/2 month pass?
Just don't burn any bridges..if your work still needs you till then, I'd say stick it out. If not then you're free to leave. You will have plenty of time after you move in to work on the house!

Shelby Bukhenik said...

OOO tough one! I mean I know how stressful moving and packing can be and if you can afford to leave when you close I am sure you will feel MUCH less stress.
Are you planing on finding a new job where you're moving?!?

Lourie said...

I like what Krystal said. On some level, I am sure they ultimately know you are leaving. My question is are you planning on getting a job after the move? If so, than perhaps work up til you are officially moved in therefore eliminating the train pass fee altogether. Best of luck.

Stephanie said...

I feel your pain! it's so hard to schedule and time everything. it's hard knowing if you're making the right decision. just weigh all the pros and cons, be confident about your decision when you make it based on all the information you have at the moment. the most important part is not to second guess yourself after you made the decision! :) you'll be fine! it's so exciting!

LuckyMama said...

Well, from a boss-type perspective, the more advance notice you give your boss, the happier the boss will be. You could tell them that you talked it over with your husband and the commute from your new house would just be too taxing so once you get settled in out there you will be looking for a job closer to your new home. Even tell them that you aren't sure when you will have to quit just yet, but that it will likely be the middle of September to the beginning of October. This gives them a ton of time to find a replacement and they can be picky with who they choose which will make them happy, and they can be a good reference for you if you look for another job out by your new place. Then you can play it by ear until you decide that you're only going to stay with that job for 2 more weeks and give them an official notice. You don't have to worry about them firing you because if the did you could collect unemployment which hurts them so it doesn't make sense to fire an employee who is leaving on their own soon. This way everything is out in the open and you dont have to stress as much.

Personally, I would work as long as you can, saving up more money when you are about to owna house is a good thing. There are so many little expenses, and some big ones, that come up that you just don't anticipate before you own a home. Maybe give yourself a week or two depending on how much fixing up you have to do, for fixing up the new place and possibly looking for a job out there. And above all else, start packing now! A couple boxes a day, a few more on the weekend, it makes a world of difference. I've moved 9 times in the last (almost) 9 years - including 1 full cross-country and 3 half-cross-country moves, so trust me on this one. :)

Oh, also from a boss-type perspective, I've seriously internet researached all our employees, so your bosses may already know should they have happened across your blog...

Ha, I think my comment is longer than your post - sorry! Hope I could help a little.

Meagan said...

You got lots of good advice. I would probably work as much as I possibly could because moving and buying a house is expensive!

Jenn & Brent said...

I agree with pretty much everyone else, really sit down and figure out your finances. If possible, i would take the time off, especially since it's a bit of a drive. This way you can go to the house during "off hours" and traffic won't be so bad (hopefully, you never know with the 91). Besides, knowing you, even if you do work, you'll be spending all your time thinking about decorating the house and looking up stuff on the how productive will you really be at work? :-)

Amy Rex said...

My vote is to have your last day be September 3rd. It's the end of the week, you wont have to pay for your train pass for the month and it will be an even more exciting day... kind of like the official start of a new chapter. That way you will have plenty of time to get the house ready!

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