Thursday, April 15, 2010

This Month Is Insane!

I'm so glad it's Thursday because that means I get to see Michael! He works Sunday night- Wednesday night so we only see each other for a few minutes on Monday- Wednesday in the morning before I run out the door to go to work at 7:00 am. We have crazy schedules! I'm just glad we have the weekends together for the most part.

The schedules shift every few months so he will find out next week what his new schedule will be. He's pretty sure we won't have our weekends together. He thinks it will something like Wed./Thurs- Saturday nights. At least he would still be able to go to church with me...

Which brings me to my next topic. We have been teaching the 3-4 year olds in our church and really love it but we will have to move at the end of this month due to our rent being raised. I'm totally disappointed that we finally got a calling and we made really good friends (Kristen and Daniel) in the ward and now we have to pick up and leave. It would be different if we were leaving to move into a house. That at least would be moving forward. We're just getting another little apartment.

On the bright side though, it will be much closer to my train station so I will have a little more time to get ready in the mornings...or more time to sleep :-)

I'm so proud of myself! I've been pretty consistently going to the gym lately and I can totally tell that I am getting stronger! I'm so excited!

(Sorry! Can't rotate for some reason...)
And yesterday Wendy was sweet enough to go the extra mile and deliver a really thoughtful card and Trader Joe's Reduced Guilt Brownies!

I was almost brought to tears by her kindness. She understands what I am going through with this whole house hunting drama. She is also married to a cop so we get each other on that level too! Thanks so much, Wendy! It was just what I needed.

Things coming up:
  • April 17th- Going apartment hunting.
  • April 23rd- Jason and Jocelyn's wedding! (My brother in law Jason and his fiance Jocelyn.) I wrote about the gifts we got them, her Bridal Shower, the suite shopping, and the Bachelorette party!
  • April 26th, we fly to San Francisco! We will be there until Friday the 30th.
  • Move out of our apartment and into the new one!
If we get this one apartment that we will be looking at on Saturday, we are supposed to move in by the end of the month in order to get a discounted rent. I guess for some reason they are raising the rent in May. I have no idea how we will manage all of this at the same time since we will be working the week after our vacation! Maybe we will have to move the day after we get home? Ugh. Craziness!


suki said...

Ooh, you're coming to SF?! Nice! :)

Brittany said...

Good luck on the moe and finding a place! You'll be where you're supposed to be, i'm positive!

Isn't it wonderful how God does stuff just when we need him to. Like having someone bring us brownies! :) Love good friends!

Hope you have a great weekend with your hubs!

Stephanie said...

ugh i am not looking forward to the "civillian cop" schedule eric will have when he gets out of the military!! especially just starting off - he will get all the bad shifts. haha. he used to work the "panama" schedule but now he is back office and works a regular 7-4 job and is off on weekends! i'm going to miss that! lol

Shelby Bukhenik said...

Good luck finding something!! I know the search can be ohsomuch fun!!

FYI my hubs is a cop, so I know its always an interesting day living with one!

Lourie said...

Brownies are awesome. No guilt brownies are even better! I do hope everything works out for you two.

Aimee said...

A lot of craziness coming up your right. Thats good that you are getting into the gym habbit. That can help keep you sane.

Is where your moving to far from your current ward to continue going there? I have moved a lot in my life so I know how much it sucks, especially when you were just getting use to a place. But the adventures are a lot of fun.

Good luck on everything and have a great weekend!

Jessica said...

Thanks for being my #50! Good luck in the giveaway!

LaNeshe said...

Moving is always such an crazy situation. Good luck!

Meagan said...

Busy month! We go to sf in May! p.s. It is not too late to write your Tips and Tricks for cheering up post!

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