Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Busy but Happy.

I am horrible at writing these blogs!
Since I last wrote, Michael has started the academy. He started about 4 weeks ago and at first it was very scary and overwhelming. He wanted to quit and I practically had to push him out of the door the first morning. But now that we are a few weeks in, things have calmed down some. He doesn't come home on the verge of breaking down anymore, which I think is progress! And it used to take him all night to do the reports he has to write after work but now he manages to make some time for us. Especially on the weekends. I love the weekends because we get to go out and do things. He still has reports to do but a lot more time to do them. His reports have to be hand written with a stencil to keep the letters the same size. If he messes up (he has to use pen) a word or letter, or even if the ink blots, he has to start all over because white out is not allowed. Long story short, it definitely tries his patience! He does very well with the PT (physical training) and the tests he takes about his knowledge on things he learns in his classes. I am VERY proud of him and all the hard work he puts into making a living.
That brings me to my next point! Michael and I decided that when this semester ends (next week is finals!) I will not be going back to school. We felt it would be best if I worked full time in order for us to save up and move out ASAP. We love living with his family. It's not that we can't stand living with them. We are just itching to get out on our own and be MARRIED!!! We can't wait to get our own place. It's hard to see all other couples getting married and moving out. We want that too! We knew it would be a challenge for us to live here but we felt it was worth it because of the money we could save. It has been a very great opportunity to do that and also get to know his family really well. But we really want move out and decorate and have our own home. Our own family.
So I was job hunting for a little while. I went to a job agency called Robert Half Legal which was recommended by a friend. I went there and for about 2 hours I was tested and interviewed about my skills. Turns out, I don't have that many skills that are needed for a lot of high paying jobs! Imagine that. So after feeling sorry for myself for a bit, I sucked it up and decided I needed to jump back up on the band wagon and find a job. Even if it was flipping burgers. Luckily I didn't have to resort to that. I sent out an email to a bunch of family and friends to tell them my predicament and to keep an eye out for a job for me. Within a day I got an email from a man in my old home ward saying that there were several job openings within his company and if I was interested I could call or email his wife. So I did! And we set up an interview and vuala! I got a job. Prayers really do work :-) And I love that I got it through networking. We know this family and we trust them. I start on June 9th, the Monday after finals.
That's all that's been going on with us! We have been busy busy busy but very happy.
Congrats to Kelly and Nate for their happy news!!



Wendy and Neal said...

Tell Michael it'll be worth it to stick it out! Everything he's experiencing is absolutely normal. In just a short time, it'll feel so normal that it's like he could do it forever. Being in academy will be the HARDEST thing he'll (and you'll) have to do in all this, but the nice thing is, it's so comforting to know how well prepared these men are by the time they graduate. If he ever needs some extra help, please call! Neal is happy to offer support and encouragement, or advice too. And hey, welcome to the blog world! I found your blog from your myspace bulletin. Fun!

Anonymous said...

This is a neat idea, although I am probably old school when it comes to keeping personal live more private. M&M, We sure love you two. You are both very capable of seeing this tought time thru and it is a wonderful growing experience for both of you, in different ways. I can already see the difference married life and challenges has made. You have a strong network of friends and family to help you thru anything that comes your way, short of the actual "doing". We are here for you. Just remember that no matter how stressed and overloaded you get, you still need to sacrifice some of that time to have fun together. It is amazing what a few hours relaxing together can do to boost your mental strength. This is an important time in your lives so you need to enjoy them. Michael is wonderful at seperating work from home. Keep up the good work and positive attitude. You can make it! We are proud of you both. Love, Mom

Aubrey's Mom said...

Congrats on the new job! I didn't even know you had a blog until I saw your comment on mine, now I can keep updated :)

Unknown said...

Hey!! How's everything going in the academy? How's the new job? Thanks for the congrats, by the way :) Anyway, update your blog!

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