Wednesday, July 17, 2013

The Bachelorette Recap: Week 8

It's time for Desiree to go see the homes and family's of the remaining guys! These are always my favorite episodes.

  • I love Zak mixing it up with giving sno-cones to kids. So random and fun.
  • Zaks family's faces when Zak tells them how he was shirtless the first night was priceless.
  • Desiree fits in well with his family!
  • I totally teared up when they played her the song. I'm a sucker for music.
  • I like Drew but he just seems so...stiff. I dunno, he's a little too prep schoolish for me.
  • Drew is really sweet with his handicapped sister!
  • He may be preppy but he is pretty to look at :)
  • He seems really confident that they will end up together.
  • I forgot Chris was still around.
  • They seem pretty natural with each other.
  • Chris' dad adjusting Des' back would probably be awkward but at the same time- free adjustment for her and free advertising for him! 
  • Chris getting his nose adjusted was just plain weird and gross.
  • Brooks is unsure of his relationship with Desiree. I can't really blame him- it's not a normal relationship.
  • Salt Lake City is gorgeous!
  • I love Brooks' big family!
  • "Thanks for not being a huge waste of time!- Brooks' brother. Awesome.
  • Oh jeez, Desiree's brother again. I don't think she should have her brother meet the guys until long after the show ends. After she has made her own decision.
  • Zak's going home. I didn't see that coming! Poor Zak.
  • He's got to be the next Bachelor.
  • I wish I could find the ring he threw out the window!!



So sad that Zak went home!! I hope be becomes the next bachelor!

Anonymous said...

I was livid when I found out he went home. I started watching the last episode and I got through is hometown date (and thought it went SO well) and then I read a blog with spoilers.. and right then I stopped watching. I don't know if I am going to keep watching it ha ha! Zak was my favorite!

megs7827 said...

We were just talking about the guys. My dad said Zak is quirky and I said I think he would make a fun bachelor. Reality Steve was talking about how the ring was fake and that throwing it out the window proved that.

R said...

My best friend and I said the same thing about Zac being the next Bachelor. How do we tell ABC we want to see him again?

Stephanie said...

LOVE your recaps! LOL I loved Brooks' family the best, and I think she picks him in the end. I really like Chris too but I wasn't a fan of his family. Definitely not feeling Drew.

I thought the same thing about the ring (it was so gorgeous!) -- and Zak is def. the next bachelor! :)

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