Monday, July 15, 2013

Never Ever Ever #7

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Never Ever Ever...
  • Did I ever imagine I would be doing an obstacle challenge but I did!
  • Would I do a FULL marathon, or probably even a half. I'm just not a fan.
  • Do I get tired of baby cuddles, or of seeing Michael and Emily cuddle.
  • Do I sleep with all of the lights off when hubs is working. I have to have the closet light on!
  • Do I NOT put the E-Brake on when I park. It's just a habbit since most parking isn't flat around here.
  • Can I hold a tiny new baby without gushing.
  • Will I take my blessings for granted.
  • Can I understand how Michael and I, two people who love to eat, had a kid who barely eats anything.
  • Would I say, right in front of the owner, how ugly I think their dog is. People do this with Jexi and it makes me want to throat punch them. Sure, sometimes her eyes bug out but we think she is adorable and the sweetest little thing.

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Stephanie said...

Um those people are evil! Jexi is adorable. All dogs are adorable.

Nicole | Pharr Away said...

My husbands car is a stick and I have a Crossover so I gotten into the habit of using the E-Brake every time as well, it use to annoy me, lol! My husband and I also eat like animals yet I feel like I'm forcing our daughter to eat on most days! And lastly, your last point had me literally laughing out loud..."throat punch", Ha!!!

Amber said...

What?! Jexi is precious!! I agree with you, even if a dog isn't all that cute, you wouldn't say it!

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