Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The Bachelorette: Men Tell All

This weeks episode was The Men Tell All, which is when some of the men who were sent home come back and have an interview with the host Chris Harrison. They get to voice their opinions and see Desiree again.
  • Skipping over watching the fans watching Bachelorette..
  • I like seeing Ali and Emily again but...neither of them made it work with the men they got engaged to on the show.
  • Haha, love the older lady in the audience. I don't know many older ladies who watch! Grandma, do you watch?!
  • I was thinking the same thing as Michael when the Fantasy Suite guy said he was surprised the audience didn't boo him. It's because we didn't remember him!
  • Juan Pablo... *swoon*
  • Ben is like a toddler, doing whatever it takes to get attention- even if it's negative.
  • Oh, snap! Ben's sons mom told one of the guys he didn't even file for custody until after the show. I wish she came on the show!
  • I never picked up on the fact James said he didn't say those things, and yet defends why he said it. o_O
  • Lol, so many women are making faces while James is talking.
  • I hate myself for finding myself semi-believing James. I can understand talking about options for after the show if she didn't pick him.
  • I vote Juan Pablo for next Bachelor! And Zak. A double Bachelor!
  • I don't get it. How is he still single? Girls can go on dates any day of the week, not just the weekends! He'll probably find someone soon!
  • I felt like I was holding my breath the whole time she was confronting James. Whew!
  • Jaw...dropped. Zak, you're a stud. Good move with that goodbye song.
  • What the heck is going to happen?! Everyone was crying...


Kenzie Smith said...

How is Zak single?! It blows my mind!

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