Wednesday, June 26, 2013

The Bachelorette Recap: Week 5

Welcome to the Bachelorette recap! This is a weekly post I do with some thoughts on each episode as I watch. Feel free to comment with a link to any similar posts you do too!

  • The group gets to travel Europe this week! Hello, Germany! My sister is living there right now!
  • I like that Desiree and Chris are just wandering around like normal tourists (minus the camera crew) and goofing off.

  • I think it's good that Bryden is deciding earlier rather than later that Des isn't for him, but did he have to interrupt her date with Chris to tell her that?
  • Chris is smooth with that poetry he writes! It reminds me of Michael! In fact, their relationship is kind of reminding me of mine and Michaels.
  • It's never a surprise anymore when they have their own private concert after dinner. It happens almost every time. So why do they act surprised!? Annoying.
  • Sledding down those mountains looks so fun!
  • I hate how Ben thinks he has the two on one date in the bag.
  • Awkward...but totally enjoying Ben getting called out.
  • She said she might want to let both of them go home. I wouldn't be surprised and as long as Ben goes, I don't care much haha.
  • THANK YOU!! SENDING BEN HOME!!! I'm so happy she made the smart choice.
  • Now I guess the next jerk that needs to go home is James. I don't think she's going to send him home this week since she isn't doing a cocktail party to talk to them all first. (Therefore not giving anyone the chance to tell her things he has said.)
  • Yep, I was right. Next week, for sure! Hopefully.


Anonymous said...

I'm so glad that Ben got sent home... he is such an ASS! Just saying! :p

Shelli said...

I love your recaps! I just watched this episode last night. I agree that Ben was a major jerk, but the other guy wasn't very nice either. I hope James goes next week! I really like Chris, Drew & Brooks! The guy that didn't wear a shirt in the first episode is kind of surprising me too!

Ginny Williams said...

Hey Shelley! My name is Ginny and I blog over at Buttergirl Diaries. I found you through your comment you left yesterday on Dysfunctional Ever After. That was the best post I read in a long time! And I saw from your comment that you agree as well. It saddens me to know what blogging is becoming. Similar to myspace in a way….just full of trash. We need to re-focus, clean up, and get move back to what blogging is all about, sharing stories and writing more heartfelt content! I am so glad I found you through her comments. I can’t wait to start following your blog too!


Anonymous said...

I was definitely glad that Ben went home! The things he said in the limo were ridiculous too - how long til I can be seen with another girl? Let's go get drunk! Etc. Ugh.

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