Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Bachelorette Recap: Week 3

It's the third week of my Bachelorette Recap. Here are my thoughts through episode 3!

  • Group date: Team dodgeball. I don't blame her...I'd wanna see how the guys compete too!
  • It's all fun and games until somebody gets hurt. Or in this case, someone gets hurt and they keep playing. Poor Brooks.
  • There's another single dad and this one seems to be genuine. 
  • I kept thinking it was going to be Ben that had the girlfriend back home but nope! Dang. Just some other guy. So there's at least two jerks in the group. Surprised? Not really, haha. You're bound to get a couple of sour grapes in the bunch.It never ceases to gross me out when there is kissing with more than one person in a day.

  • Ahhh what a jerk! He slept with her and left for the show the next day?! I'd punch him.
  • Brandon is in need of some therapy, I think. He obviously hasn't healed from his past.
  • Santa Ana winds! We know those well!
  • The one on one date was a bust.
  • Group date again. Being stuntmen? And dressed up in old cowboy outfits? Awesome. Smiling the whole time over here! 
  • Ben's being such a snake. "And's our secret." That grates against my nerves and throws up red flags.
  • So some guy goes home that I don't remember (I think he's the last one to go that I didn't even remember saying more than a few words) and Brandon goes home too. Sometimes I seriously worry about people when they leave the show so upset. Brandon was "in love" with Des...they barely even talked. I think he just tends to cling on to anyone who is nice to him. I really hope he seeks help.


Anonymous said...

I thought the game of dodgeball was pretty intense! I would want to see the guys go all out and compete too!
My favorite part was definitely the group date where they dressed up like cowboys! So fun!
I can't stand Ben, I was REALLY hoping that it was his girlfriend that walked in, dang.
I felt bad for Brandon, he really does need some help.

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Brandon was making me so uncomfortable. He's way too emotional :/

I am in love with Juan Pablo now. Brooks is cute...but a little strange.

Meagan said...

So hard to give this show my full attention when I watch with Chase. But I agree with everything you said!

Tess said...

Ok, I need to start watching this!

Postcards from Rachel said...

Favorite part about the Bachelorette? Everyone's Tweets... Bloggers are hilarious during the show.

Unknown said...

I agree with Rachel, I like the Tweets! hahaha However I will have to admit I did like Brandon until he got creepy this episode! Poor guy!

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