Monday, June 17, 2013

Never Ever Ever #3

This is the third week of our fun new linkup, Never Ever Ever! Thank you so much for linking up with us!
If this is your first time linking up, here are some guidelines for you...

1. The Never Ever Ever link up will be posted EVERY Tuesday at Midnight CST. Tell us about the things you'd "never ever ever" say or do!
2. Please put our button on your post for the link up.
3. Please follow your hosts. We won't make it mandatory, but we appreciate the love.
4. If you tweet about your post, feel free to tag NeelyStephanie, and me- and use the hashtag #nevereverever

I will Never Ever Ever...

  • Say "no" to a dessert or fresh fruit
  • Take motherhood lightly
  • Stop asking for kisses from my little girl
  • Drive under the speed limit (unless it's necessary)
  • Understand Michaels love of video games or how he can stand leaving his laundry everywhere
  • Be able to hear an old song that brings back memories and NOT sing along and probably dance. Like this.

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Unknown said...

Following you via blog lovin :)

Looking forward to keeping up and getting to know you.

I also have a blog design site. If you ver need a custom blog design, check it out!


Jamie Hart said...

I LOVE that you don't take Motherhood lightly-- that is a mega pet peeve of mine! (especially since I lost my son at birth) Also.. I don't get the video game stuff but sometimes I find myself wishing Rob (the fiance) did like one or two-- that way I could blog and not have him stare me down waiting for me to get off the computer to "spend time together" doing nothing! LOL

Meghan said...

Always say YES to dessert! :) Amen, sister!

krystal said...

LOVEEEEEEEEE the nsync singing. hahaha

Lin said...

I will never never never ever drive under the speed limit. Actually, the only time I ever go below 75 is when I'm behind some moron driver or I hear a cop's sirens haha.

Dude I dont think I'll ever get tired of watching that video!

Unknown said...

i love all of these! i never do the speed limit either. i have a lead foot lol

Heather said...

Haha, I'm currently driving the speed limit because I got a ticket deferred a month ago and can't get another for two months!

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