Wednesday, May 29, 2013

The Bachelorette Recap: Week 1

I never really talk about how I watch The Bachelor and The Bachelorette, mainly because I used to be one of those people who judged the women who watched this crap. But for some reason (probably my blog and twitter friends), I decided to start watching a few seasons ago. Even though I realize it's stupid and unrealistic, I can't help but enjoy the mind numbing drama. :)

I've decided that I'm going to try to start blogging my thoughts as I watch the episodes each week.

This seasons Bachelorette is Desiree...

  • The recap of her and Sean reminded me just how sad it was when she was saying goodbye to him. I liked that she said she just wants to make someone happy.
  • What a lucky girl driving that adorable cute blue convertible!
  • I don't think they've ever showed the Bachelorette out and about the town enjoying the area by themselves! How many outfit changes was that? 4?
  • Watching the guys backgrounds always makes me do facepalms and shake my head.
  • Woah...I was just asking Michael how long the sign spinners have been around and now this guy is saying he is the man behind it and it was started a couple years ago. *Twilight Zone Tune*
  • Gotta love awkward introductions! I love when people do stupid things to stand out.
  • OMG. Seriously, dude? You gave her a "fantasy suite key" as your "hello"? What a jerk!
  • Abs guy...gag. Plus it looks like his creepy face was Photoshopped on someone else's body.
  • The tie his shoe/proposal fake out was funny.
  • Okay seriously? The guy with the little boy was too adorable!
  • Hashtag guy is #annoying.
  • Ben gets the first rose! Good choice, Des. (He's the one with the kid.)
  • An impromptu soccer game in suites? Only on this show. Only to impress a girl!
  • Drew seems cute.
  • Again with the fantasy suite guy? So glad she gave him the boot.
  • Why did she keep the creepy shirtless guy?
Overall thoughts? I like Desiree and so far I agree with the weirdos she sent home but I kind of wish she had sent more of them home that she obviously wasn't into. Then again, I always think this about the beginning. If I were the Bachelorette I would probably send home a ton of guys in the first two episodes and then really get to know the rest of them better. Why waste time on the losers? Haha! Hey, I got married at 20 for a reason. No games here! I knew what I wanted and went for it.


Meagan said...

Lol love this. I like the shirtless guy ;). You have to watch burning love on yahoo. It's a Ben stiller produced show making fun of bachelor and bachelorette. They just did one with a guy who had a son and we were cracking up at it and now this guy. Who says their kid is their everything and their best friend? I thought it was a little much. Who just has a kid with their friend too? That's weird.

Lin said...

Since I dont watch this show but am always curious about it, this is really helpful.

Love the gif's, especially the one of her falling on her bum; that's funny. Is it wrong of me to hate her just a little bit for nto even looking ugly while falling? Glad she kept the dude with the cute kid around.

Ari @ The Pace of it All said...

Ow, that fall looks like it hurt! And I've only watched 1 season of this show before but all my twitter friends appear to watch it so maybe I need to start again!

Kathryn said...

I only started watching a couple years ago too. I'm not a drama person but for some reason it's really entertaining to watch other people's drama. Ha! And I like Ben but from what it showed for later on in the season, I don't know how I feel about him. But they always portray people incorrectly so that you keep watching to find out the truth. And I agree with Meagan, you should watch Burning Love, pretty hilarious. I kept imagining moments from it because it really captures the cliches etc. So funny.

I'm glad you're going to be writing about the Bachelorette. This will be so fun.

Stephanie said...

Haha I don't watch but I knew it started by my twitter feed blowing up! I'll just come here for all my news :)

Tracieg803 said...

Love this show but the guys are a bunch of weirdos! I totally agree with your descriptions of them. Fantasy suite guy was super creepy!

Unknown said...

Ha, I haven't ever watched either show but I actually thought about it this time around, looks like I just might have to!

Unknown said...

Hope you got my other comment, I'm attempting to catch up on commenting from hubs iPad!

Alycia Grayce (Crowley Party) said...

I haven't watched the episode yet so i need to get on that, but I hope I like Des, I was honestly a little disappointed they picked her, I thought she was a tad boring!

Anonymous said...

I watch it for the drama, it's entertaining :)
I'm pretty envious of the super cute baby blue Bentley she got to drive. At least I think it was a Bentley, hah, I can't remember.
Some of the introductions were so awkward!
Jonathan was a total creeper, so glad she sent him home asap.
I teared up when Ben brought his little boy, how cute!
I am a fan of Drew.
Not that you needed to know my opinions, ha ha! :D

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