Monday, May 13, 2013

A Mother's Day Weekend Getaway

I had the BEST Mother's Day weekend!!

I spent my first night away from Emily. As nervous as a I was, and as much as I missed her, I had A LOT of fun. My friends and I stayed at hotels in Newport Beach Friday night. We were there from Friday evening to Saturday afternoon. This is what we were up to...

On the way to dinner at the Cheesecake Factory, we stopped by Anthropologie and goofed off a bit.

I, of course, got the BBQ Ranch Chicken Salad and a piece of cheesecake. Pretty sure they thought I was strange for taking a picture of my food. Silly blogger ;)

Meanwhile, every once in a while I checked in on Emily. She was doing GREAT with her Grandma and Grandpa! She actually ate food (rare these days) and went to bed easily! HUGE relief for me. I was then able to relax once I knew she was totally fine!

After dinner, we went back to our rooms and chatted it up! I usually go to bed at like 10:30 pm so imagine my surprise that I was wide awake and having a blast with my friends until 2:30 am! Whew! We just couldn't stop talking!

We woke up at like 8:30 am and went to the hotels gym. I was glad I got a workout in! Then we went to get ready for the day. My friend "teased" my hair. It was awesome.

We went to this spot that does paddle boarding and kayaking in the bay. I didn't want to risk falling into the freezing water so I avoided paddle boarding and stuck to kayaking. It was beautiful weather. Not too hot, definitely not cold, with a nice little breeze.

I went kayaking with Brittney. 

Some of the ladies lounging on the beach!

Britt and Roxana paddle boarding.

After our time was up with the rentals, we went to lunch.

We went back to the hotel for a little bit and then I headed back to my in laws house (my parents had Emily Friday night and my in laws had Emily on Saturday). I missed Emily, wanted to see Michael before he left for work, and I was meeting some more friends there. They were coming over so we could say one last goodbye to our friend Kambree who is moving to Dubai! We will miss her so much!

Emily and I drove home around dinner time and after I got Emily in bed, I spent the rest of the evening catching up. You know it was a great weekend when you haven't checked social media/messages at all ;). 

Mother's Day was great too! Michael gave me these beautiful flowers!
I am so blessed.


Lin said...

Talk about a great weekend! Love the photo of you guys in those big sun hats haha. Glad Emily had fun too, hanging with her grandparents.

Ari @ The Pace of it All said...

Oh wow, I'm so jealous of your trip! The beach looks like so much fun, same with kayaking and paddle boarding (actually that looks like a lot of work lol)! Glad to hear the weather was nice for it too. And yum, Cheesecake Factory is so good!

Stephanie said...

Aw it all looks like so much fun! I'm glad you had a good weekend and a good mother's day!!

Unknown said...

Sounds so fun!! It is always nice to get away from the kids for a while!!


Rachael said...

What a fun weekend! I love Newport Beach, this makes me miss Southern California sooo much!

Meagan said...

Whew! What a fun busy weekend! I'm jeaous Emily did so well while you were gone!

jackie jade said...

sounds like such a fun weekend! sometimes just having some girl time is the best! happy belated mothers day :)
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Meghan said...

It sounds like a perfect weekend. I love girls trips! They are always such a great time to catch up without the crazy pressures of life.

tara said...

how fun! i'm jealous! i need a good getaway!

Simone @ Busy as a Honey Bee said...

Looks like you had a great time! Love that you didn't have to travel too far to get a great trip filled with awesome memories!

Happy Mother's Day!

Simone @ Busy as a Honey Bee said...

Sounds like you had an awesome weekend! Love that you didn't have to go too at to get in a great weekend with friends!

Happy Mother's Day!

Amber said...

What a perfect weekend!! Looks like so much fun. You deserve to have a weekend like that sometimes, especially for Mother's Day :)

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