Thursday, April 11, 2013

I Look Like Jim Carrey Doing Zumba

 Alright so just a quick catch up on what we've been up to...Emily got a cold last week, then I got it over the weekend, and then Michael. So we've all been kinda sick and not much happened over the weekend other then General Conference (church on TV every 6 months) and selling a bunch of Scentsy! Woohoo! It was great but bad timing with me being sick! Thought it was allergies otherwise I would have cancelled. 

On Monday we headed out to Orange County to see some family. Emily got to hang with her cousin Ellie. They like sitting in this one chair together but it's pretty much impossible to get a non blurry picture of them together these days. They are little energizer bunnies!

We had my brothers birthday dinner and got to hang out with friends and family.
I love this picture my friend Kelli took!

Kelli and I have been friends since we were freshmen in high school. That's over ten years now. Crazy! She came to the birthday dinner and then I went out with her to get some frozen yogurt.
She's also the friend I am playing match-maker for.

In other news...I had to take a few days off of working out while I was sick (because I got winded just walking around) but I finally got back at it on Tuesday night! Then again Wednesday morning. It feels so good to get in shape!

Does anyone else have these baby hairs? They are from my hair falling out after pregnancy and now they are slowly growing back but they fall out of my pony tail while I work out!

Also, I need to get new workout shoes. I'm pretty much the only girl not sporting adorable nike shoes like this. I WANT!

I think of this picture almost every time I do Zumba. I even sometimes start to laugh randomly in class because of it.

I hope ya'll are having a good week!


Shelli said...

I love Zumba! I do feel like a dance diva when I do it but I'm sure I look like Jim Carey too!

SEL said...

I've never done Zumba but I hear it's fun. I may try it after I have this baby!

Kari B said...

I feel the same way during Zumba. That's why I do it in my house. But it's so fun! Glad you are feeling better Chica.

applesandglue said...

I love bright workout shoes... my current ones are purple and neon yellow - woohoo! Lol at the Zumba, that's how I feel (Jim Carrey) when I do anything fitness-related!

Uh I have baby hairs in the front of my head. What's up with that? Awkward!

Hope you're feeling better!

Lin said...

Ive been tempted to join Zumba but I'm totally lazy. Heck, I'm lucky if I have enough energy to do the dishes after my 10 hr work day & long commute. Ugh. Loving those Nike's though. Totally cute!

I have a pair of grey/blue Adidas I bought like 12 yrs ago & I still sport them. Pathetic but I'm cheap haha. Hope you all are feeling better :)

Meghan said...

I love this post and I LOVE the Jim Carrey reference. I've taken Zumba a few times, and I feel like I look so silly every single time! :) But it's such a blast!

TracyZLesh @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

I have those baby hairs too - I just twist them and pin them up in a bobby pin :) Love the pics below of Emily in the shower - she cracks me up!!

Postcards from Rachel said...

I have those shoes in grey and lime green! Well, maybe they're not the exact same ones, but they're super similar. I bought them at one of the sports stores for like $20 on clearance.

I have baby hairs ALL OVER my head. I've always had them. Super annoying.

Sarah @ Scissors and a Whisk said...

LOL that picture is hilarious!
I love that picture that your friend took :) Super cute and fun!
I'm no help with the baby hair issue girly - sorry!
I'm so happy you got back to working out after being sick, way to go!

LWLH said...

Ohh Zumba, how I love thee!

Amber said...

Hahahaha, I feel like an idiot doing zumba! I totally look like that, I'm sure! At least it's fun :)

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