Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Money Talk Part II: Thank You!

Seriously, you guys...I am overwhelmed with how many of you left such thoughtful, helpful, and honest comments on yesterdays post. I was so worried about writing about such a "taboo" (one of you used that word!) subject. I was afraid you would take one look at the subject line and think how I shouldn't talk about that and that it's none of my business. Because, well, it's not!

I would never ask somebody how much they make, how much they payed for such and such  (big things like houses), how much debt they have, etc. because I know it makes almost everybody uncomfortable to talk about it. But I felt like my blog would be a safe place for me to write about it. I have wanted to get others opinions and experiences on this for a while now and now that I did, I feel so much less alone! I'm in the "same boat" as many of you.

I'm proud to say that even though we do have debt (no numbers will be posted here), the credit card is no longer being used and is just being slowly paid off. Our one car payment is slowly being paid as well as our mortgage but like many of you said, those are good and necessary debts. We learned from our mistakes and are now on our way to being debt free.

In our defense, we got married very young (I was 20 and he was 22), bought a house after less than three years of marriage, and then the bank made a mistake with our escrow so we ended up having to pay a lot more monthly on our mortgage than we had planned on. We had to use our credit card to pay for some bills because of that. We just payed that off so now we will be living within our means again. Hallelujah!

Alright, enough money talk from me for a while! Thank you again for being such awesome friends!


Sierra said...

Glad people found a safe solace in your blog for money talk. Glad you asked and that we responded by being candid. ;)

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