Thursday, January 24, 2013

Hey, It's Ok...

Its Ok Thursdays

It's OK....

  • To take breaks from blogging because you are enjoying life away from the computer.
  • That I'm obsessed with Scentsy and love how amazing my house smells all the time!

  • To believe with all your heart that your kid is the cutest in the world...that's ever existed.
  • That I am not ready for baby number two quite yet!
  • To gain a few extra pounds if it means you can enjoy the foods you really love...right? Haha.
  • That my dog sleeps under the covers in my bed.
  • That our mailman probably hates the fact we don't get our mail every day.
  • To have dance parties with your one year old because she won't judge you, lol.


SEL said...

We get our mail MAYBE twice a week. Our mailman hates us.

M and I have dance parties almost daily. I'm convinced toddlers are the best dance partners. Ever.

Enjoy your food, woman!

I haven't been blogging daily either. It's good to get away from the comp, me thinks.

Amber said...

Totally OK to gain a few extra pounds from yummy food! ;) It's worth it!

Tiffany @ Life of a Thirty Something said...

I am obsessed with Scentsy too!! Which are your current favorite scents?

Shellsea said...

Love dance parties with my toddler. Also, the February warmer is very cute and stylish.

jackie jade said...

our one dog sleeps under our covers too! usually in the morning when it's time to get up, he'll burrow down even further - i know how he feels! haha.

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