Monday, November 19, 2012

Weekend Update

First, I never wrote that on Monday my parents came to visit and babysat for us so Michael and I could go to dinner. It was SO NICE. We went to Buffalo Wild Wings (we love it there but haven't gone in over a year.) 

After dinner we went to Target to get a few things we needed. One of which was new shoes for Emily. We now have matching grey Converse! But hers are velcro high tops :).

While we were out, we got texts of what Emily was up to. They had a lot of fun with her with a big cardboard box they brought over and my dad read to her. So Cute!

This weekend was fun!

I got to spend time with my friend Kambree and she even spent the night in our guest bedroom. I love having her over! She is in the military and so is husband so they go months without seeing each other. Michael works a crazy schedule and I think THAT is hard. I don't know how she does it!

Emily fell asleep on me while drinking a bottle and watching TV for the first time...

On Saturday we took Emily to the park and then I went with my friend Stephanie to dinner and to see Breaking Dawn Part II. (Which, by the way, was SO INTENSE.) It was so nice to get out and see a movie. I hadn't been to a movie in MONTHS. Sad, isn't it?! Michael was nice enough to stay home with Emily so I could go out :). I NEED to see it again.

On Sunday we went to church. By the way, Michael got called to be Sunday School secretary and I got called to be the Primary secretary but I am also still teaching until they find someone to replace me for good. We were sad about this change at first because we really love the class we teach. They are such great kids. But I'm happy to still be serving in Primary (with children). 

After Sunday naps (well, Emily and Michael napped- I used that opportunity to blog) we headed over to spend the night at Michaels parents house to spend some time over there. It's always fun to get together with family! Emily and my niece Ellie have fun playing together.

That was our weekend! I hope you had a good one too!


Neely said...

Those little shoes are too much!


Everytime I go to Buffalo Wild Wings I am amazed with the obscene amount of wings I can eat, lol. It is so good though! :)

Stephanie said...

Love BWW! I haven't been in forever either, I need to get on that soon.
I'm glad the movie was good, it's on my list to see but I like to wait for it to die down a little and not be so packed in the theater.
Such a great photo of her asleep on you!

Unknown said...

Those wings look SOOO good!

Because Shanna Said So said...

A weekend with the family sounds perfect! Glad you guys got out last week for a date night! We did the same MUCH needed thing! And Emily is adorable!! Melt my heart. Have a great week!!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Now that sounds like a great weekend! Glad you liked up with us :)

Here's to a great week ahead!

Laura Darling said...

Those little converse are too much! How cute! We just got a Buffalo Wild Wings near my house - dying to try it!

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