Monday, September 10, 2012

Our Weekend Recap

This past weekend I had another Scentsy party and spent a lot of time out in Orange County with family and friends. The party went well (thank you to those who came and my parents for letting me host at their house) and I got promoted after only selling for less than month!! I am so excited about that and now I'm only about $107.00 away from my next goal so if you want to help me get there and also buy some great products, let me know!!

Thursday night, we spent the night at Michaels parents house. My BIL, SIL, and niece just moved here from Utah so we are so excited to be able to hang out with them more. Emily gets to see her cousin a lot more now!!

 Here is their Nana in total baby-lovin cloud nine.

Cousins having fun playing next to each other.

I was able to spend some time with my friend Jenna and her toddler (not a baby anymore!), Grayson. We went to get shaved ice (see the pictures) with the kiddos. I'm glad we got to hang out, Jenna!

We came home Saturday because I wasn't feeling well and had to miss out on a baby shower we were planning to go to. Also, Emily doesn't sleep well when we aren't at home so we were both exhausted. My brother Steven came over for lunch and played with Emily for a while. 

On Sunday, Emily and I went to church and then just kind of hung out around the house the rest of the day!

That was our weekend!

As Emily's birthday (the 25th) is rapidly approaching, I'm looking at my baby and wondering where the time has gone. She is already so big and changes every day. She just started clapping, sort of walking, and she does this cute nod. She also repeats mama and dada!


Lin said...

Congratulations on all your sales, that's fantastic! Also, it's so cool that your BIL & SIL moved here and now you guys can hang out a lot more.

Jenna said...

We have such cute kids! :) Thanks for the fun afternoon, we had a great time!

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