Monday, August 6, 2012

Weekend Update!

I really need to start carrying my real camera around so I have better quality pictures but at least this is better than nothing!!

This weekend we took my car in to get the A/C fixed but when they said it would cost us $1200 (and that's after they took $200 off the cost for us) we were like..."!" We just payed that amount to replace the timer belt a few months ago!

So I guess we won't be driving my car much this summer. Boooo!

While we were out there I got my sister something for her birthday at this super cute store called Charming Charlie. I love that store! They have jewelry/shirts/scarves/purses all color coordinated in separate spots and they have really cute things!

I also took Emily with me to start buying stuff for her birthday party next month. Can you believe she will be a year on September 25th?! Crazy!!

Emily loves this fish washcloth thingy...

She started trying to stand on her own!!
She did it a few times for a few seconds and this is the best picture I got. It's so blurry but you can see her proud and excited little smile!!

Look at these cute little legs and diaper buns!! Notice her toes curled under her left foot? She does that sometimes :).

On Saturday we went on lunch date with Emily. She loves her new little cup that she can hold onto and reach her hand in and feed herself. Too cute!!

Sunday we went to church (where I saw this 6lb newborn baby girl that make me want to cry) and then came home and all took naps. Michael went back to work (and will be working 9 out of the next 10 days- yuck) and Emily and I chilled. She loves eating- just like her parents, haha!

That was our weekend!


Unknown said...

She's such a cutie! Growing up so fast!

Stephanie said...

I can't believe she's going to be 1. And I can't wait for her 1st birthday photos, that party is going to be so cute!!

Sami said...

I love Charming Charlies, it's such a fun store! One of my friends from college works as a buyer for them in Houston! Sounds like you had a great weekend, thanks for linking up :)

Unknown said...

Super cute blog!

Unknown said...

Super cute blog!

Chris said...

Emily is so cute! I love the blurry picture of her standing up because you can tell how excited she is. Charming Charlie's is fun, but sometimes I get overwhelmed with how much stuff they have! Have a great week! Visiting from the link up.


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Sounds like a pretty great weekend to me! Thanks for linking up with us :)

DSR said...

I don't know of Charming Charlies. I wonder if we have them in Chicago. But I should wait til my spending freeze is over.

Yay for standing and baby steps. My son is starting to do the backwards scoot and humps the air to give himself some range. He manages to shuffle around a lot for someone who isn't crawling!

Thanks for linking up!

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