Tuesday, August 7, 2012

It's Me! Emily!

Hiii, it's me- Emily!
Mommy said it's my turn to do some blogging again. So, here I am!

You know what I love to do? Put things in my mouth! It doesn't matter what it is, really.
I like chip clips, for example!

I also like to chew on sippy cups. I dunno why Mommy and Daddy hand these to me and expect me to drink when it's way more fun to carry it around and chew!

You like my teefs? I have two on the bottom!
 It makes for excellent chewing.

This is daddy trying to hold me up and let go to see if I will stand on my own for a bit. I throw him a bone every once in a while but I don't want these people getting too lazy!
So I mostly just let them hold me up.

Oooh and this is my brush! I just started copying Mommy and can kinda brush my own hair!
But mostly I just like to chew on it.

This is the baby gate that I have learned to push aside and down so they put chairs behind it so I won't fall forward with the whole gate!! I am so strong!
And you can see my bestie, Jexi, too! She usually can figure out a way in and out and I watch what she does and copy her!

I don't chew on her.

Oh, oh! And this is one of my skills!
I lift my leg like this and pose!

You would think Jexi was teaching me how to chew on things and lift my leg like that, but nope! I learned it all on my own. I am just. that. awesome!

Okay I gotta go now. Mommy says it's time to change my diaper so I gotta crawl over to her now.



Neely said...

Made me smile :)

Unknown said...

what an adorable cutie!!

Thanks for linking up today!

Dr. Momsie! said...

Cutie! New follower from blog hop :)

Mrs. T said...

Emily, you forgot to share about how much fun you have teasing! I miss you!

Big Apple Mami said...

What a cutie! Following from the blog hop! :) Thanks for following me! :)

Jocelyn said...

She has so much hair! I love her leg pose. :)

Michelle @ Delicate Construction said...

Adorable!! Love the little girl posting, I will have to do that with my daughter! Thanks for sharing and I am a new follower and visiting from the GFC blog hop!
Hope you are having a good day!

Anonymous said...

Too cute!

Courtney B said...

Aaaaah! This is SO precious!! I can't believe how big she is! And SO BEAUTIFUL!

Lin said...

Oh my goodness, what a stinkin' cutie! Look at those gorgeous eyes. Totally reminds me of my nieces, which sadly I dont see too often since they live in NorCal :(

Alyssa said...

Shelley that is adorable!! Emily is sooooo cute. What a great idea! You're an awesome mom :)

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