Thursday, July 26, 2012

The Day Jexi and I Both Thought "I'm Dead"

Michael wanted to go to the gym while Emily was taking her nap but he didn't want to wake her up by turning on his car in the garage. In spite of my hesitation, he had me get in the car and turn the key in the ignition...just enough so the air would turn on but the car wasn't actually on. 

Then he had me put the car in neutral as he pushed it out of the garage. The car rolled backwards down the driveway. When I tried braking it wouldn't slow or stop!

I pulled the E-brake thinking that would for sure work but, nope! It made a grinding noise and kept rolling. Michael was waving his arms at me (he was trying to tell me to brake- ha!) and I was freaking out not knowing what to do. I rolled down the driveway, into the street (as Michael was chasing the car- still waving his arms) , and then I even tried throwing it in park.

It only came to a stop when the tires hit the curb in front of the neighbors house across the street- just missing a fire hydrant. We were lucky that nothing bad happened. We had a good laugh about it. Can you say FAIL?!

Poor Jexi had a moment like this too.

Michael took Jexi out to go potty in the front yard (not on a leash because she doesn't leave our side) and at the same time our neighbor walks out with her two weiner dogs (also not on leashes, apparently) and her dogs barked like crazy and chased Jexi around until Jexi escaped under our side fence. She is one smart cookie. You may not know this but she was actually found on a highway with a weiner dog before we adopted her. The weiner dog was claimed but she wasn't. She is a survivor!!


Unknown said...

Super scary! So glad nothing bad happened!

LWLH said...

Oh goodness....that could have been bad.

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