Monday, July 23, 2012

A Craptastic Birthday Weekend

Because I went to a BBQ on Tuesday, by Wednesday night a bunch of my friends and I got majorly SICK. We are all pretty sure it was salmonella because it lasted 4 days. I was severely dehydrated and had a rapid heartbeat, fever, bathroom trips galore (I know, tmi- too bad). But FINALLY I am feeling better.

Me: Honey, can you please lotion my feet for me? They are really dry. I'm drying up (because of dehydration) like a weed.
Michael: No, Shelley. Not like a weed. Like a raisin! Because raisins are still good when they are dry.

Hahahaha! I had to share that.

Nobody likes being sick, but especially on your birthday. I turned 25 on Saturday! It was kind of a bummer that I didn't get to go out for my birthday or eat any yummy food but my friend Brittany came over with her kids and kept me company while our husbands went to see Batman. She also bought me a cupcake, a birthday balloon, gatorade, magazines, play jewelry, and a bunch of other random things!! I took a picture with some of it as proof.

I tried not to feel too bad for myself because I do feel extremely grateful for so many things. After something like the shooting in Colorado happens, it humbles me just a bit. It's a birthday. Everyone has them and they come every year. I can always celebrate another day!

I am so glad that I felt well enough to go to church yesterday and teach my class. I needed that! It was an answer to my prayers because as I was getting ready that morning, I had to keep sitting/laying down from weakness. But I got myself there and as soon as I stepped into the building I felt relief and I have felt better all day since then. Counting my blessings! :)

My Sunday got better and better. First church was great and then my sister and Britt came over to watch the Bachelorette finale. So fun!! No spoilers here, I just have to say I am happy with the ending!


Jocelyn said...

Lol, I love the raisin quote! Again, happy birthday. So sorry you were sick, but I'm glad you're feeling better now.

Courtney B said...

Oh your hubs is too cute!
Happy belated Birthday!! I'm so sorry you were sick though. That is definitely a bummer! Glad yesterday was a much better day for you!

Sheri Money said...

Ok, raisin quote was awesome. And that really is so lame! I love birthdays, so I would have been pretty sad too. But glad someone kept you company!

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

Happy birthday!!! I'm so sorry you were sick! That's no fun!! Hope you're feeling better!! Xox Kelly

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