Sunday, June 17, 2012

Weekend Update

I had a pretty laid back weekend. Michael and I watched a bunch of TV on Friday and ran errands. People kept recommending The Walking Dead to us and we sat down and watched them all weekend. It's disgusting but we couldn't help watch more.

On Saturday we took Michaels parents to dinner for his moms bday and for Father's Day. It is so nice that Emily can sit in high chairs now when we go out! After dinner Michael had to go to work and so Emily and I hung out for a bit at his parents house before heading home.

On Sunday I didn't get to see Michael at all because he worked again. Em and I went to church, taught Sunday school, and then hung out at home. I have been rewatching all of the episodes of Greys Anatomy the last few weeks and it makes me miss Izzy, Addison and George!

I also wanted to say how grateful I am for my dad, FIL, grandpa's, and of course Michael. I am so blessed to have such great men in my life. I hope they (and you too) had a wonderful Father's Day!


Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

Her laugh is SO adorable!! You can't help but smile when watching :)

Sounds like a great weekend. I love The Walking Dead, although it freaks me out!!

Thanks for linking up with us!!

Sheri Money said...

That video is pretty darn cute. :)

Because Shanna Said So said...

We didn't get to see Ross for much of Father's Day either! Boo! And once the kiddos can actually sit in a high chair it makes dining out so much easier! I would love it if you joined the bauble Swap I am hosting! We have almost 20 people signed up! Come play!!

Kimberlee said...

Aw what a sweet post :)

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