Friday, June 1, 2012

Everything Emily: 8 Months

I just got back from vacation with Emily but before I write a post about that, I need to write her 8 month post since she turned 8 months old the day before we left (the 25th).

Size: Same as a month ago. 9 month clothing and size three diapers. We buy the "cruiser" kind now.

Sleep: Same! Still not sleeping through the night on her own. She has 2-3 naps a day and then goes to sleep for the night but stirs a little until I flip over and "nurse" her (practically in her sleep).

Eating: I still breastfeed her and she has been eating a lot of finger foods too. Still not taking a bottle but sort of takes a sippy cup. Kind of. Mostly just plays with it.

Playtime: Emily loves books, eating, swinging at the park, "flying", dogs, her toys, crinkling/ripping paper, and putting everything in her mouth. She loves phones, remotes, and anything electronic...oh and she loves being around people. She especially likes other kids!

Learning: Emily is doing the inch-forward-scoot-type of crawling! She is getting really good at it and has started lifting her belly up sometimes. She has also learned to sit up on her own and feed herself finger foods! Those three things were all learned within a week!

This was a big month for her! A lot of new learning and developing!


LWLH said...

She's such a cutie pie!

Courtney B said...

She is such a BIG girl!! I swear she was just born.... how do they grow up SO FAST?

Kelly { MessyDirtyHair } said...

awe what a beautiful daughter you have! thanks for coming by my blog! i love meeting cali bloggers! just signed up to follow!


Amanda said...

She looks so much older than 8 months!! What a big girl :)

Ness said...

Aww so many milestones. I imagine next month you'll be telling us she's crawling. I'm hoping for the same :p

Kasey said...

she is adorable!! just came across your blog :) please come check mine out some time :D

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