Thursday, May 17, 2012

True Story: Be Careful!

This is a true story. It happened to my mom a couple of weeks ago and I figured this would be the perfect place to talk about it and warn everyone.

My mom and dad just bought their first Mac computer. My mom loved that thing! She even payed extra to take weekly classes at the Apple store at the mall so she could learn all of the things to do with it. They spent a lot of money all of the things necessary for that computer. My parents are not ones to spend money frivolously so this was a huge deal.

My mom had a case she would bring the computer in for her classes and would go straight home afterward. Except this one time. She put the computer, in its case, in the back of her van and covered it with a sweater. It was about 4:00 pm and she made a quick stop at a store.

Then she heard them announce on the loudspeaker in the store that the owner of her type of car needed to go outside.

Her vans back window had been shattered and her new computer was gone. In the middle of the day, with other people/cars around!

This is the scary part: The local police, mall security, and Apple store, all knew that someone has been sitting outside of the Apple store at the mall, watching people like my mom come and go, watching where they put the computers, following them to see if they stop anywhere, and then breaking in and stealing it.

They STALK people and follow them home if necessary!

There were no cameras in the parking lot and the person was not caught.

Anyway, just be careful and be aware of anyone watching you! If you have anything valuable in your car, do not leave it there unattended.


krystal said...

That is INSANE that someone has that much time to do that....stalk people coming and going from Apple! I hope your mom was able to get a replacement or had insurance or something. That's awful.

recklessbliss said...

Oh my word that is terrible! Thank god your Mom was at least safe from this maniac and what she lost was replaceable. Hopefully they catch the creep!
We actually have something similar going on in our neighborhood right now. There is a guy who just makes the rounds walking right up to your house and goes into your garage and takes whatever he wants in broad daylight. The police have been called on him a few times but it's so shocking to think that these bad apples have no shame and just take whatever they feel like.
Stay safe and sound!

tara said...

omg! that is just crazy!! its sick that people do stuff like that! :(

LWLH said...

OMG, that is horrible!

Neely said...

People are just awful!

Antoinette Musik said...

OMG that story is shocking!!! very scary

Meagan said...

So scary!

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