Friday, April 27, 2012

Baby Room Essentials

Baby Room Essentials

When planning a baby's room, you may wish to contact an interior designer or proceed using your own imagination. You may even wish to pursue an online interior design degree. Below are our top baby room essentials:


Furniture is one of the biggest things that will be in the baby's room. As this is such a large part of the room, this is often a good place to start.  A crib, dresser, and changing table are nursery standards. Try to purchase a new crib to ensure it is up to the most recent safety standards, and look for one that has slats no more than 2 3/8 inches apart. You will also need a crib mattress, waterproof cover, and bedding.  You will also want to look for a bassinet or cradle for the first couple of months.
You will also want to set up an area in the nursury for you to feed your child or rock the baby to sleep. A rocking chair or glider that has good back support is suggested. A journal may also be a good idea to help you keep track of your baby's feeding.


Safety is an essential part of a baby's room, and there are several things you should purchase to help keep your baby safe. One of these is a smoke and carbon monoxide detector, to help warn you of a fire or dangerous gas leak. A baby monitor is another essential; you can even purchase a model that has a camera. Outlet covers should be on every outlet in the room. You may also wish to put a nightlight in the room. This can help your baby sleep, as well as prevent tripping over something in the dark of the night.

Personal Touches

Babies need to be stimulated, and putting color in their room is a good idea to do this. You can purchase inexpensive wall decals or mobiles to help entertain your baby while introducing a more decorative element to the room. Books and toys are also great things to help your baby develop. Finally, consider a bouncy seat or baby swing to help keep your baby happy. Storage devices, like sturdy memory boxes and open cubbies, are great to store your baby's toys, books, and clothes. If you're interested in helping moms-to-be in their journey, consider becoming a sonogram technician.


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