Tuesday, January 24, 2012

A Week of Visiting and Visitors!

This past week was really fun.
My grandma was visiting so Emily got to meet her great-grandma T for the first time!  My mom, gma, Em and I went shopping for all kinds of cute girly things. Here's Emily modeling one of her new hats! My little lamb...

I also got to hang out with my cousin Jacob, brother Steven, and friend Kelli last week. I need to get the video my mom took of Steven making Emily laugh!

Later in the week my friend Kambree came to visit and met Emily!

Then on Saturday my MIL and SIL came over and spoiled us all rotten! They brought and made dinner, snacks, and tons of new things for Emily!

Here is one outfit her Nana spoiled her with!

I love it! Thanks again, Nana and Sarah for coming over! We love you!


Unknown said...

LOVE that outfit! She's getting so big! Such a beautiful little girl!!

Nicole J @ Pampers and Pumps said...

Haha I love Em's expression in the first picture!

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