Thursday, January 12, 2012

December Randomness

December is always really crazy for us. We have birthdays, anniversary, we have been busy! Emily turned 3 months old in Christmas day. My little girl is growing so fast!

My bestie Kaitlin came down for Disneyland and stopped by to visit and see Emily for the first time! I made chicken tacos because she loves them :). It was so good to see her! Last time I saw her was the week she stayed with us last January and we found out I was pregnant :).

Emmy started holding onto things...

Another friend of mine, Alyssa, came to visit too! I hadn't seen her in like 4 years! I didn't get a picture with her but she took this one, lol.

Bad quality pic but this was right before Michael and I went out to celebrate his birthday and our anniversary. while my parents babysat.


Erika said...

She's growing so big!! How fun;-)

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