Sunday, December 4, 2011

Everything Emily

Emily turned 10 weeks old today!
This past week she had her two month shots. It was so sad! After her appointment we went to lunch with my mom and grandparents while they were still here visiting. Luckily Emily was zonked out for most of the meal. It was her first time in a restaurant.

Once she woke up though...we couldn't stop her from crying. She's been fussy and only wants to be held all day long since then, poor girl. I had to give her infant tylenol for a couple of days because her poor little legs were sore from three different shots. I know it was for her own good but I still hate seeing her in pain.

Height: 24"
Weight: 11 lbs. 3 oz.

That means she grew almost exactly 4 inches and 4 pounds! Holy moly, she is growing fast! She was on the petite side but they said she is now in the 50th percentile for weight. She is somewhere in the 90th percentiles for height. She's tall! I didn't see that one coming, considering I am only about 5'3". But I guess there are tall people in the family too...I dunno I guess I just thought she would be small like me. Nope! I wonder how old she will be when she gets to be taller than her mommy. Weird.

Diapers: She can still fit in newborns pretty much but we already moved on to size 1.

Clothes: Same with diapers. Some newborns still fit...barely. But mostly she wears 0-3 months.

Sleeping: Emily loves snuggling with mommy to sleep. I can usually get her to nap in her swing (this week being the exception and I think it was because of the shots and how they made her feel) but at night she sleeps with me still. I will try and wean her off that habit eventually but I heard it's best to do that between 4-6 months. She hates sleeping in her crib. She won't do it. She had a couple of 6 hr. sleeping spurts but for the most part it's been about 4 hrs., then 2 hrs. at a time after that. I can usually get enough sleep if I sleep when she does.

Eating: She loves to eat just as much as she loves snuggling with me, if not more. It's her favorite thing to do, I think. If all else fails? Feed her. :) She eats all the time! At least every 2-3 hrs.

Playtime: Emily just received a playmat from her Nana in the mail! Her first time doing tummy time on it? She rolled over- twice!! She doesn't usually mind tummy time or laying on her back while she is on it but when she is done with it, she lets me know!

We love our little girl! It melts my heart when she smiles at me!


Neely said...

She is just too much! Im glad she got through her shots ok. I imagine its tough :(

Venassa said...

Wow she is a tall baby. She's an inch longer than Chloe, and Chloe seems long to me. We just got her shots done too. Not fun at all, but she was mostly fine afterwards. I'm dreading the next set, as I'm sure you are.

Unknown said...

It's going by so fast! Can't believe she's 10 weeks already!!

Emily said...

Sounds like you are a natural! Yeah, shots suck, but at least they are over fast! Plus, they forget quickly at this age. When they are toddlers, they REALLY remember shots! My kids both started out being pretty long and then it evened out. It goes in spurts. I bet she will be petite like you : )

Blissfully Burton said...

aww poor thing! I'm glad she's starting to feel better! Love all her stats! Rolled over?! thats awesome!!

SEL said...

The first time M got shots, at 2 mo? She passed out right after for SIX hours! I'm glad Emily is letting you rest! Sleep is so wonderful when our kids let us get it! :)

Meg O. said...

Wow! Has it really been 10 weeks already? She is precious. Glad she is doing so well!!

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