Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Target Tuesday: Someday...Also I Need Fashion Tips

You know, as much as I love growing to carry this baby girl...there are definitely times when I can't wait to have my own body back. I tell Michael that he better fully plan on me going shopping for some new clothes after I lose the baby weight. Shopping while pregnant is frustrating and not as fun. So...for Target Tuesday I decided to pick some things that I might like to have after I shrink back down.

Merona® Women's Artist V-Neck Cardigan Sweater - Coral Confetti

Merona® Women's Ultimate Scoop Neck Tee - Violet/White

Merona® Women's Scoop Neck Embellished Tee - Rose Mocha

I don't know if my jeans will ever fit the same so I will have to see about getting some new pants when the time comes. But I think I might want to try something besides boot cut. I don't like the skinny jean look unless the person is super tall and skinny and that's just not me. Any suggestions??

What kind of every day casual shoes do you guys wear with jeans? Do you wear white shoes? I've heard that that isn't "fashionable" but I will have a baby and won't be able to rock the heels look most days. Anyway, I'm just curious what you guys think looks good! Are flats still "in"?


tara said...

I really like the last shirt! I always wear flat sandals with jeans for a casual look! What about getting some TOMS to wear with jeans?

Neely said...

I personally wear flip flops, flats and flat boots in the fall :)

Heather said...

I wear jeans & ballet flats almost every day. I have a billion pairs of ballet flats, haha!

Also, I need that embellished tee!

Samantha said...

I have a few different casual shoes to wear with jeans. All depends on the weather/temp. Sandals, moccasins or just a cute slip on in multiple colors. I hate tying shoes so I tend to raid Pay Less/Target and get a bunch of cute slip ons.

Bad Joan said...

Love these tops, especially the purple stripes!

Sweet Lily said...

Voguish, comfy, classy!
Absolutely fantastic!

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