Thursday, July 7, 2011

Skylar Update: Your prayers are working!

Thank you all for the prayers you are saying for Skylar! They are working!

I just got an update from my MIL, Diana, who is in Texas with them. Basically Skylar is now on a regular ventilator instead of a high frequency one. She had her first feeding today through a tube.  Her lung infection cleared up but she still has mucus in her lungs. She is getting nutrients through a tube that goes in through her umbilical cord.  Her blood pressure is more stable and she is no longer on anything to keep her sedated.  That means she is more aware of the tubes in her so she has been really irritated with those, poor thing! She is getting regular air in her ventilator with no added oxygen, and her blood oxygen level is in the high 90s.  The duct to her pulmonary artery that is supposed to close at birth, is slowly shrinking. Yes!!

We are very relieved to hear that she is improving finally! She is still in the critical part of the NICU but we are hoping she will be well enough soon to be moved into a less intense area.

Please keep sending prayers her way!!


Annie said...

awesome news! keep us posted!

Nicole J @ Knocked Up said...

I'm so happy to read this! Hopefully this is the start of a new beginning :)

Pamela said...

Great news. I'm praying she'll continue to improve and that her parents will feel God near to them as they go through this trial.


Venassa said...

I'm glad to hear she's improving! Hope she keeps getting better.

tara said...

so glad that she is improving!!

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