Friday, January 21, 2011

Blog Design and an Adorable Video!

I need your advice!

I really want to spruce up my blog and I was thinking that after looking at some of your blog designs, that maybe I should get someone to do mine? Does it cost money or could I get it for free? I don't think I could convince Michael that it would be worth it to spend money on a blog...that makes no money. Haha! I just need to do something different. Kind of like when you get that need to clean out a closet or get a new haircut.

So, please let me know if you got your blog done by someone and if it cost anything! Thanks, ladies!

Happy Friday!!

But before you leave, check out this ADORABLE music video I found on YouTube! This little girl loves Taylor Swift so her dad made this video with her in it. It's so good!!


Amanda said...

There's definitely PLENTY out there you can pay for, but there's also a TON that are for free.
Templates by Tenille are whole lay-outs that are free.
For backgrounds only, I like ShabbyBlogs, TheCutestBlogOnTheBlock, and AprilShowersBlogDesign.
I also learned how to spruce mine up on my own, like making a header (saving it as a jpeg file) and then uploading it to look 'custom', and then playing with the html to make the text field wider, the header border thicker, etc.
After I paid for one, I ended up changing it 6 months later, anyways, so I wouldn't pay for one unless you really don't think you'll EVER get tired of it.

Stephanie said...

Yeah it usually costs like between $40 and $60 for someone to do your blog design for you. THere may be cheaper ones out there but I'm not sure. Cuteeee video too :)

Elizabeth said...

I actually love your blog right now...clean and simple...but I hire someone to do mine! :-)

Rachel said...

You can do a lot of it yourself - if you download GIMP (it's a free Mac program that works with PCs) you can add a lot of detail yourself. But, it can be super frustrating. I always end up disliking what I come up with and constantly want to change it. So I'm planning on paying someone to do mine. Two of my favorites (who I think have the best packages for the best prices) are:


Candice said...

I had my blog designed for free by a very generous bloggy friend. It can run you well over 100 bucks depending on who you use.

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