Tuesday, October 12, 2010

The Status Quote


I'm a little late posting this (as I am sick, and just got out of bed!), but here it goes! Lourie from CA Girl is hosting The Status Quote and it's pretty fun to read what random people are tweeting/facebooking. I won't say names or locations but here are updates I have enjoyed recently! Head on over to Lourie's blog to participate!

Did you know that in this month, there are 5 Saturdays AND 5 Sundays??? Apparently that only happens once every 800 years. My inner nerd says, "COOOOOOL!!!"

Google installed software on 7 Toyota Prius' that enable them to drive on their own...I'm down. I hate driving.

Tomorrow is my due date and I don't even feel like labor is coming any time soon. Flip.
Is it safe to assume that the sequel to Man v Food will be called Man v Heart Attack?
My SIL emailed me something...I'm avoiding my email :)
I am so blessed beyond measure. Let us all strive to have an attitude of gratitude..I promise it will change your life.

My wife can't keep a secret...

There is nothing more terrifying to me than pregnancy and giving birth.
Getting tired of neighbor yelling at their 20-something yr old kids. I want to scream out my window, "Get a real job or get the F- out"!
Hahaha man I love reading random tidbits from people!


Amanda said...

Oh my gosh, SO FUNNY!!! :) I love it!! I may have to play along next time. :)

Aimee said...

I love facebook status updates. I stalk the news feed \all the time. I am sure my friends get some dooseys from me during football games. I may use Facebook as a sounding board for my anger, frustration, and/or excitement

Lourie said...

Teenagers are way scarier than birth! hahahaha. And so is homework. WHich right now I am avoiding like the plague!

Thanks for playing. I hope you are feeling better soon.

Samantha said...

The Man v Food & Man v Heart Attack was a great laugh!

Brittany said...



I didn't read this close enough! When I read your due date was tomorrow.. I was all "WOW! I have missed something! Or a lot of somethings!"



Then I re-read! I love me some facebook updates! Although I just deleted over half of my friends!

Alyssa said...

haha they are some great updates!
I love facebook updates for having a giggle!!

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